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The Gold Watch 4/1/2010

Joe & I received good news in January, our last CD "Rain or Shine" won the Independent Music Award for best blues CD.We have spent the last months in disbelieving excitement, speculating on what if anything this might do for our career. The music business is a roller coast,er ride, high highs and low lows. The highs keep us working the lows put most musicians into a straight job.

This could be the boost we need to move up in the business or it could be just another blip on the screen. Either way we keep playing.

Joe and I have a term for this, "the gold watch". Years ago someone put a pocket watch in our tip jar. Joe convinced himself it was gold and we were rich. It took me hours to convince him it was worthless, it didn't even tell time. So with every award or promise for a great festival gig or promise of a booking agent, we have to ask ourselves, "Is this just another gold watch."