These People Deserve Lots Of Credits.....

Without These Great People These Songs would Not be.. Hats Off To All You Guys For all The work You Put Into These Tunes!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!! Cant Spell Murder Without U (Kelly-Daniels-Donaldson-Wertjes) J Kelly -Lyrics & Vocals Jack Donaldson -Bass,Drums Scott Daniels -Guitars Nick Julsrud-Wertjes -Lyrics MY Own Hands (Daniels) Scott Daniels -Lyrics & Guitars Jack Donaldson -Bass & drums Linga Sjöqvist -Female vocal part Dave Hogge -Arrangement And Producer And Engineer Love Lies here (no More) (Daniels) Jessica Rache -Vocals Larry Youngman -Bass Dave Hogge -Keys arangement Scott Copeland -Insperation And lots of input Dave Hogge -Engineer & Producer Scott Daniels -Lyrics & Guitars Gardens Of The Innocent (Daniels -Donaldson-Wertjes) Jack Donaldson -Bass,Drums and vocals Scott Daniels -Guitars Nick Julsrud-Wertjes -Lyrics Dave Hogge -Engineer & Producer Dead Before Dawn (Kelly-Daniels) J Kelly -Lyrics & Vocals & Chainsaw Dave Hogge -Bass,Drums Scott Daniels -Guitars Blood Love (Daniels -Bounds) Nygel Bounds -Vocals & Lyrics Scott Daniels -Guitar,Bass & Drum Programing Darkest Days (Peterson -Daniels) Rick conner -Acoustic Guitar Mike Paterson -Lyrics & Vocals Bjorn Pehrson -Bass Dave Hogge -Drums & Engineer Cold As Hell (Eric-Daniels-Hogge) Eric On The bay _vocals & Lyrics Dave Hogge -Guitar, Bass & Drums Scott Daniels -Guitars Good VS Evil (Daniels) Scott Daniels -Vox,Guitar,Bass,Drums Lyrics The Collective (Paterson-Daniels) Mike Paterson -Lyrics & Vocals Jon Robbins -Drums Scott Daniels -Bass,Guitar I Wreaked My Porsche (Today) (Daniels-Donaldson) Jack Donaldson -Lyrics,Bass Drums Vocals Scott Daniels -Guitars

Thank you

Thanks to all the great people on this site for all the kind words and support....and thanks to all the great bands who have opened my eyes to all the great new music they are making....you guys rock!!!!!! Kudos to all.


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