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Collabs and Networking?

What's Good!

If any artist out there wants to collab or just network with me, then by all means leave me a message or simply email @

----- mack@mackmirage.ws!-----

That is all!

Hate and the impact it has on artists

I'm not a Column writer by any means, but I feel I should inform the haters how it is, WE LOVE YOU! Your hate is fuel to our fire and will always keep us moving up! If any fellow artist has some extra haters feel free to direct them this way for target practice.

Mack (TM)

Mack Mirage
Mack Mirage  (almost 7 years ago)

KRIS PHLeks - I really appreciate you taking time to read my blog and replying to it! Anyone else wanna input on the subject? I'm all ears!

Helping out the homie!


New Tracks

Hi there whatever fans may read this! I have uploaded a few new tracks, enjoy them and spread the word if you like my music. Thanks for your time!

Mack Mirage
Mack Mirage  (almost 7 years ago)