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good and bad

in light of all the good things that on the horizon for the Windmills..i really cant complain...even tho some crazy things are going on in my life right now it always be worse...if i stay focused on what i want to happen then eventually it will.....until then i keep flowin

in the studio

its abt 3 am Family Guy is playing in the Backround..had a great evening...my thoughts are in the studio tho..cant wait to finish the EP and i hope that the music we create resonates with people....i just hope i can get all done by Sept ughhhhh


been on a creative drought for a minute ...but it was much needed ..life was happening..things were changing...God always knows what He is doing...grateful for every storm i experienced these past couple of months ..it only made my quest for truth and love stronger

peace yall..till next time