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Wednesday 12th April 2017

Ooh... goody gumdrops! No Facey. :) Lah lah-de lah-lah... Is this the real life? Is this just fancy-free?


Yes, that old thing. Well, it's the only crimbo-type thing I've ever really done. Sure, there's other "snowy" kind of stuff, but only that one specifically about Christmas. Though inspired by the obvious experiences from childhood, 'The Snowman', and stories like 'Box of Delights', it's chief inspiration was a Christmas night during the mid 80s, when me and a mate went to another mate's house to sample his latest batches of home brew. Lovely stuff, and a merry time was had by all. Deciding to walk the four miles home across country, we positively gambolled our way through snow and ice, completely unaware that our home-brewing mate had dropped a little something extra into our "ones for the road". We never found out just what it was we'd been spiked with, but boy oh boy did we have a fantastic adventure (or thought we did) on the way home that night. Whoosh! 'Twas like we were the central characters in one of those Christmas novels - very 'Box of Delights' with a little 'Sexton Blake' mixed in for good measure. Fabulous! ...and kinda groovy, y'know? lol The next day was a bit odd. Anyway, yes... me 'Midnight in December' is back up. '07 vintage and equally barmy. Luv, Exile :)

Quite a toss-up...

... really, isn't it? Placing new/old uppies in your song list whilst keeping at least some of what it seems are considered your bestestest tracks visible in that first five, for the benefit of new listeners. Yes, it is cool and quite a thrill to bung all your craziest creations in there and nowt else... but, it kind of comes down to that shop window thing, doesn't it? The problem with that though being the RN window ain't big enough for sections like: "FRESH IN THIS MORNING!"... "TOP SELLERS!"... "REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE!"... "FOR THE STRANGE AND CURIOUS"... "OLD BOD/NEW FROCK"... etc. Not that it actually matters too much, I s'pose. But, it would be nice, instead of getting stuck in that OCD cycle of "erm, well, erm... put that here n that there then.... mmm... that don't work." What if folks hit that first and think, "Christ, that's shit"... thinking it's an example of your "finest", when in fact that very jewel pops up second... but, by then, what could have been a new and devoted friend or fan has nadgered off thinking, "They're not all on bleedin' X Factor! Bring back Opportunity Knocks!"? Ah well... just go with the flow. I mean, it ain't as if we is gonna sell anything here, is it? Not that I'm bothered with regard to actually selling my stuff. Streaming's the thing here... gettin stuff heard. If you wanna sell a bit.... see Campband. It won't be an earner, but it could top up the fag fund every now n zen. Though if you really want to shift stuff there, go cassette or vinyl. Seriously. Yeah, it'll cost up front, but sometimes you gotta speculate to accumulate... so it is. Luv, Exile


So, young Exile, what's with all these weird old synth noodles you've been uploading at RN of late? Anti-promo of course, quite naturally lol. But also a way of giving folks a chance to indulge the misconception that I basically do "ambient". I mean, if ya want Pots "concrete", then these are about as close as you'll get. Radiophonic. Analogue Pots Noodles an ting, innit. A good old shot to the foot too. Let's make it hard, y'know? Luv ya, Exile :)

Flying Pigs

Sometimes, you just gotta take a little break for a few dayz. Speshly when one is an old git - them batteries gotta be topped up and treated with a little more care once your poor wee gravity-tortured spine curves to a degree where earth is a good foot closer to chin than of old. Think my ears are growing too. Gimme another 3 years and I'll no doubt qualify as convincing chimp stand-in. But also, I haven't done any brand, brand, brand new solo Pots stuff since 'Fire Extinguisher', back in early '13! Oh, and 'Codeine' of course (tho' I don't really count that one, coz I slept all the way through it - still do). That said, maybe I've saideth all that needeth sayingeth by-eth me-eth? I mean, there's no point in doing another 'Atoll' or 'Andy' or 'Minch' or 'Saucery' or whatever... they been done, statements made. Let 'em be as what they are, fixed points. Yer Pots chappie ain't one fond of wasting time and a listener's ear-life with crap like "Atoll II aka Two Atolls" or "Andy Minch". If I'm gonna do anything brand new, it's gotta be different from all the others. Udderwise, dare be no point. Soooooo... I mean, sooooooooooooo... a good deal of messing around in my shed's needed. That daemon who sits a'snorting at my shoulder sez there's stuff waiting to be made... keeps pointin' at a trombone, bodhran and hook. Aye, and pigs might sprout wings... but, you know what I mean. Catch you in a coupla daze, me hearties. Tally Bo! :)


... just try flushing yer lav without it, and you'll feel what I mean.

Midnight in December

Well, it had to happen. I mean, it's like getting the tree and lights out, innit? Bit of a dust, coupla new bulbs and the odd screw-in... an' Bob's yer uncle Santa! Tally Bo and Merry Christmas!

Spider dlb
Spider dlb  (about 4 years ago)

That's amazing, a virtually similar thing happened right here in Brockdish, luminous father Christmas and all. It just goes to show.

Komodo II

Yes, well, them monitors did get me reviewing stuff, and though it is true that I'm happy to just let most of these tracks here hang as they are - kinda scruffy and curled up at the edges, like wot I is - there are about ten that I'm having a little fun making the "best" of via said lizards. All the same, you can't make a silk purse out of pigs wotsits, but I reckon, when treated to a bit of that EQ stuff and such, they'll be okay for bunging up at Bandcamp. Then, when my new monophonic gets here (September... they say), I can concentrate WHOLLY on brand new stuff. A reset, if you will. I pulled out of Official.fm as part of the strive toward me reset. It seems some artists have been having some pretty bad issues with the site. Sounds like the site-owners may be getting a bit snotty? Gotta say, it didn't give me any problems, but I want to concentrate on Bandcamp from now onwards, because I feel that will help give me a nudge toward thinking in terms of the whole package. Physical stuff. Put a little art back into the whole thing. I like where some artists provide the option of purchasing very limited cassette copies in hand-crafted wallets, or with individual hand-drawn inlays, as well as the digital downloads. Not saying I'll be doing that... but that kind of stuff fascinates me, The music's home-made, so why not the packaging? Hell, if I could, I'd go all out steampunk and offer the stuff split across 78 rpms : Pots' Pots... y'know? Toy Maker would be ideal for that. Anyway, enough of all that. Got stuff to do, Tally Bo! - Exile xxx

Spider dlb
Spider dlb  (over 4 years ago)

Dear Exile,
Please put me down for issue 1/100 of Toymaker on 78rpm. I've got my Dad's old wind-up 78rpm black box player (with some 1930's pictures of pixies stuck on it) just waiting to be retrieved from the loft for such an occasion! I think I've missed the development of the Pots' family business, I'll get catching up at Brandcramp right away! We need another John Peel, he'd get your CDs spinning in the orbit they deserve! One of the words below is 'iconoclastic' - precisely! It is also so good to see how the genuine appreciation of your music just keeps on growing. Very best wishes, Spider dlb.


After a decade of struggling with desktop PC speakers and cross-checking with iPods and shit, I finally got myself a set of near field studio monitors. Strike me pink! What a difference they make. Set 'em up by checking a variety of genres, plus recordings old and new, then nervously gave a wee listen to some old Exile stuffipoos... and was pleasantly surprised at that, coz most of it sounds very much how I'd wanted it to (even them monster marmite tracks). That ain't no bragging tho', coz all that stuff's involved a lot of hair pulling, tap room cursing, farting about AND buckets of luck! Okay, none of it is close to what'd please yer average sound engineer fella, but who really gives a shite?... and it'll do for me. Any-road-up, yer Pots chappie is feeling very happy and relieved at the mo'. And I tell ya wot... The High Llamas' 'Buzzle Bee' has never sounded so glorious to these ears. Always loved it - sound, feel and everything - but, sat there listening through proper near fields was nothing short of utter joy. Magic.

Spider dlb
Spider dlb  (over 4 years ago)

Dear Exile, From one near field studio to another, hi! I've not got a lizard yet, but it is surely only a matter of time. I'm very glad that we (speaking in a quite unsolicited manner on behalf of) your legions of delighted fans are not sound engineers. We know what we like and we like Exile Po! Magic, indeed, and a highly valued part of our lives for some of us. Very best wishes, Mr Pots. Spider dlb.

Shake n Vac

Signs of a summer out there... and that nearly always gets me in a mood for uncluttering stuff. Know what I mean? Make room for the sweat to gush freely... Gonna streamline my "song" list - make a bit of room for brand new stuff, and, in so doing, render said list less daunting to trawl through. This could of course confound friends' playlist entries (again), and I do apologise for the inconvenience there. But any tracks so affected are always there for you anyway (if not, just ask and I'll give them to ya for nowt, okay?). Brand new stuff could well be popping up in the next couple of months, once me new plinker-plonk arrives... we'll see. Got some ideas. In the meantime, just have fun out there, folks!

Bless ya, EP

Spider dlb
Spider dlb  (over 4 years ago)

Dear Exile, good luck with the tidying up! Always sad to see those old classics slip off the playlist, but always eager to hear some new ones!
No sign of that decluttering here, but some new equipment has arrived to add to the chaos........all will be revelled!

Exile Pots
Exile Pots  (over 4 years ago)

Dear Spider,

Like the sound of that new equipment and forthcoming revelle ;) already!
Will be keeping the old shell-likes peeled.

Hope all is well there.

Here, yes I've done a bit of streamlining. Not too much. Just enough to make things a little more easy to navigate.
Got a Novation Bass Station II on order, tho' they are not released until 25th June. Always loved the first one, but it no-longer functions. However, the new model looks like an absolute dream machine - a cross between the original Novation and an updated Roland SH 101. Monophonic too, which is much much better for looping. The temptation to play chords on anything polyphonic, tends to get in the way... counter-productive.

Onwards, upwards and into the beyond!

All the Best,

Spider dlb
Spider dlb  (over 4 years ago)

Keep 'em peeled, it's there!