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We're Coming Out!

Jeannie and I have finally figured out what we want to be when we grow up. :)

In addition to building an exciting NEW monthly Listening Room in Cold Spring, we are building a bridge back to our early roots together as a performing singer/songwriter duo that began over thirty six years ago.

Singing and writing together brings us great fulfillment and joy, keeps us young at heart and challenges us to stay current and connected to life expressed through creativity. We recently tried once again to get civilized by taking a "normal" job offer but it proved once again that "normal" is relative to ones individual DNA.

Please share our excitement with us by giving us a "LIKE" for "The Adventures of Ken & Jeannie Veltz." We are setting up performance dates and have just completed the foundational tracks for our new record. You can give them a listen on this ReverbNation site and purchase a Pre-release CD at our site here: http://www.veltzmusic.com/

Soon we will be streaming our adventures on "live" internet television and blogging our experiences on and off the road in real time. Our last trip to Nashville was filled with amazing happenstances that could only be summed up as a true ADVENTURE. From vehicle breakdowns and meeting truck stop sweethearts to literal BAR FIGHTS as we performed. If televised the trip would not have disappointed. We will have a regularly scheduled television broadcast from our home where we will invite special guests, in addition to the "live" on the road performances and updates.

Our journey has been unique to say the least. We have stories and lots of them. Some miraculous, some hilarious and some painful and challenging but they all lead to the conclusion that faith and hope and romantic relational love can last throughout a life time in a day and age where the odds are so against it. We've got love, music and a story and we realize it's our vocational destiny to share it with anyone who is interested in hearing and watching.

Yes, we are baby boomers and venturing out like this at this age may seem a bit strange to some but we don't need anyone to worry about us or tell us they think we are crazy. If "sane" means racing with and meeting the expectations of the status quo even though love, peace and things that really matter are sacrificed, then "sane" is over rated and certainly not for us.

We've come to learn that true success can be determined by the answer to one very simple question: Are you happy?

Jeannie and I are the happiest we have been in years and much of that has resulted in getting in touch again with the love and music that originally brought us together.

Please share some love, life and fun with us in the days ahead.

Much more to come.

Happy New Year,

Ken & Jeannie Veltz

rhinoch  (almost 7 years ago)

I really love your stuff Kenny. It takes me back
Album title Remembered Memories

rhinoch  (almost 7 years ago)

Let me know if you need a piano player or a friend