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A Good Day!

I reckon it's time to get this blog thing going again. So I start with today. Today was an awesome day! I was a cowgirl in a video, once again just had to be me. I was honored enough to be in several shots for my friend Jim Lutz that is making this cool video! But I will wait to tell you more when its closer to being released. I can say I had a blast! The only thing about the day I regret is my wonderful Dj got there couldnt be in video cuz I still can't pick him up. In my defense he is a 15 yr old Golden retriever that only weighs bout a 100 lbs, oops he just informed me 95 ! He was happy on the porch of the awesome Old Texas Farm house owed by by friend and his wife. Then when the work was done Jim. James and I sat down to share few tunes! Talk about some fun, and of course Jim being the camera man he is broke out the camera and shot a video of one of my tunes! We had a blast! will have a link for ya soon. So all in all I am Grateful for a beautiful day in the country with some good folks! Life is good! Oh and thanks to the universe for creating such a beautiful day in Dec. for us to enjoy! Peace~~ Scooter

Last Wed. of the month

Well it's the last Wed. of March and we are headed to Luckenbach, Texas!! For a fiun evening of music and friends. I have been working hard on new tunes and hammering it out in the studio. Hope all you folks out there are keeping warm since winter decided to come back for a few day's. posted some new dates and got more to post ! See ya down the road. Peace- Scooter

Here's what's New

Scooter's hosting Wed. nights in Luckenbach, Tx. this month from 5-9 pm; Come on out and join in. I still working hard on new Cd, had a few delay's but getting back on track. There will be new video out soon from the Austin Post from my Austin House Concert. Plus a video from last weeks picker's circle coming soon! Today we have had over 1500 views of the 1st Article about me posted @ ausitnpost.org. Life is busy, but exciting lot's of things going on. See ya down the road. Peace- Scooter

Trucks Back on the Road

Took a break this afternoon to repair my Suburban been down since I got back from. With the brains of my mechanic friend T-Bob, and some elbow grease from me Dj and I are on the road again. So Is Mo T. he refuses to get out of the truck. Guess that's how he stays ready for the next show, We'll see y'all in Albert,Texas this Friday Night 7-10 pm. Thanks T-Bob for the knowledge and thanks to my Papa for teaching us how to fix things. So now it's back to playing guitar!!!!

Rest??? Whazzat'bout?

I'm back from a week long road trip and kickin' back at Cat House Studio, workin' . . .workin' . . .workin'