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Demo Lyrics

DEMO LYRICS!! 1. Moira (5:18) We must live within ourselves as we progress from the past , leaving behind the traces of mistakes and regrets and everything we once felt. let me stare into your eyes for it shall be the last time that I shall gaze upon them. and would not leave with regret, As to simply forget your beauty. A calling in life i can not disregard so to you, i wish to return, please do not forget me, our love is everlasting One more look back as i place my foot upon the war path. the scent of flames tames to the essence of your choice perfume this last goodbye spoken softly into your ear, words of passion, now i must let go. but when i return on top of the world, i will have you take my hand to stand beside me. departure leaves me breathless as i take to my arms. the weight of a war now reigns down into my soul. many to perish at my side, for we are to forfeit our lives or just survive. so to you, i wish to return, please do not forget me, our love is everlasting i shall endure and this memory of what we have so carry me through the darkest of my days by blood and steel i promise thee,i shall endure and this memory of what we have will carry me through the darkest of my days

2. Valkyrie (4:27) "We stand before a battle field, our eyes engaged. We are over taken in the glory of the bravery that led us to this day. we will not fear death, nor any man that shall cross our path. for danger is imminent but death does not have to be. gaze upon these lands its beauty inflamed, let this vision never escape your thoughts. for it is with this that we shall remember why it is we fight. with this we shall reign down upon them we shall reign down upon them with our fury burning in our hearts". vowing to never take one step backward, we march to the sound of beating drums. each hit fueling steps we take forward. every pair of eyes was set to the horizon. our enemy, continuous in the destruction of our lands. we march to the sound of beating drums, the flame of battle set to ignite. sword and shield please guide me from my demise bring me to a new light. Please i repeat (destroying the lives they had) rebuilding the memories we made this is our day our legacies entwined rebuilding the memories - that we made take my hand as we stand at the top of the world beneath us the burning battle field

Jimmy - nothing can stop us now Ray - as victory has been assured Jimmy - as we are on top of the world, Ray - this day is are legacy

3. Slumber Party (Massacre) (3:58) She moved in such serious ways. leading him into uncertainty. they would soon find themselves entwined in each others arms for this last night they would lay. unaware these eyes would fall upon them. lovers locked in an act of infidelity. they breathe deep gazing into lust filled eyes. I began to well up with anger, sorrow dancing within my soul. is this what you call loyalty? for this i dedicate to you my harlot hung up around his waist. For this i dedicate a lesson in heartbreak. the kind that cuts deep penetrating every inch of the soul. ' Laying among soft sheets in this bed i made she ensured this to be there grave.each step i place before me finds us closer to there end. you've filled my weary heart with such hatred, that my hands are left stumbling. I soon find myself before metal and steel lusting for there destruction. With drill in hand the door now creaks open. no caution payed to what lye's behind me,` her empty words pour out frantic lies but what i see is the truth before my eyes. The drill begins to spin aiming closely to sever limbs. there cries are muffled by the sound of power tools at work this was the last time she'd sneak or lurk.