Looking for some new gigs

We have played a bunch of places now but are looking to get out and do more gigs supporting our original tunes as well as host great bars with our Tilted Fiesta parties that everyone sees to love. We have a few in the works and still searching to set up some new ones as well. Please let us know if you wanna get TILTED and have a spot to chill. Cya soon.... TILTED

TILTED original music

Hello Homies. We have played many shows rockin out your favorite rock N roll/metal covers of u2,Kiss,Danzig,ACDC and many more and now we are also getting more creative with our own material. We have a half dozen rockin original tunes and currently working on some more. We have our first original set show coming up on Sat 3/31 at club Lucky 7 in Keyport NJ with several other great bands. You can check out 3 of our originals on youtube now. Nasty Baby http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgRbLamYBas Wrong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud1lznj35Tg and Washed Away http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFuxBmU1pbg

Back in the saddle again on reverbnation

Trying to get back into spreading the word around. Trying to get people listen to us and get Tilted. We just had our first show in NYC , Staten Island. Very cool bar called Kj's Ale House. It was our first full feature show where we able to do two complete sets. Performing all rock cover songs from bands like U2,Kiss,ACDC N more it was such a blast. Had some of our closest friends come down to rock out with us. It was also the first time we ever used our video effects. Projecting large images of movie clips and images to help make our show rock. Seemed like everyone got a kick out of watching the videos while and a few times before the songs that we did. It was a fun time and we hope to rock the Island again sometime in the future. The next few months we will be focusing on writing ore of our original music. This will allow us to play more venues and let the world know what getting TILTED really is! cya soon, Keep Rockin TILTED