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6 Years Later

If you happen to come across this site, I don't use reverbs for blogs so I use this site instead.


See you on the other end [>.0]/

plans for the next few years

When I finish a lot of things I doing at this time and will be over with. these are the things I might be doing in my life time.

- making Music. - making Videos of some sort. - create 3D models - making my own kind of technology - do what I do to make life easier for me to deal with - plans will change over time so I'll ether have more, less, or different things I'll be doing later on.

well its not much I thought of but maybe when I get out of high school, I believe that's where I'm going to start deciding what I'll be doing and ill have to do it quick.

Til that day happens I'll make a new blog of my progress in life.