The New Album

Hey everybody -

Still working on the new album -

New songs you havent heard to be released on it -

As well as ones you already know -

We love you all and thankyou for the support -

We wouldnt be doing what we do with out you here helping us make it happen and for that we keep our "hopes up high and our heads down low"

Redondo Beach ... again...

Redondo Beach what a sleepy little town, but we love waking you from your slumber to enjoy a little bit of your flavor / culture ... Fun times tonight, Luke almost caught a Lobster - but it was a strong swimmer and lived to fight another day.


Temecula ... if your listening... Why are you always so cloudy and rainy when we visit you? You should be happy to see us

Welcome to tinsel town . . .

Just got off the morning train, had to take it to broadway and main so i could hop on the Red line bypass the incline to Sunset blvd. The motion pictures are in the hills, im fighting traffic with the automobiles. There was a classy review in the Monday tribune of a Jazzy work of art. If this is what you call a work of art.

But i wish you were anything but perfect...

And i elude to call you if its worth it ...

Give me a rag time girl that knows the scene and wants to hold it in her dreams, cause i wish you were anything but perfect...