Hey all you Streamliners!!! So much to update you on and so little time. So in the next few days we will be doing an update on everything you've missed since our last tour.

First things first thanks for all of the emails wishing Austin a quick recovery for his accident. We will fill you in on all of the details soon. Also!!! Go VOTE for us! we are in a lot of various music competions with great prizes attached. So check out the links below and lend a helping hand!

New E.P. ! We will be Re releasing songs on a new E.P. that we recorded with famed producer MIKE G and are excited to get the songs into your hands - We have also been demoing new songs which we will be posting a youtube Video on so you can here some of the ideas -

Stay tuned for more news! We love you all ! We truly do ! ROCK N ROLL!!!





Bumps and Bruises

Attention! Attention! For those of you who where expecting to see us today at Allied Gardens Spring Fest! Austin (our Bassist) was involved in a car accident , after leaving the hospital last night he relayed the news to us that he had a few minor bumps and bruises and a very badly sprained wrist with small bone chipping. That being said we have to cancel our performance at Spring Fest! We apologize for the inconvenience and wish everyone a Happy Saturday!

Timmy D.

New Direction

Hello Pullman Standard fans! It has been a while since our last news update. Since we rang in the new year we have been doing a lot of touring. Only five months into 2013 and we are already at 75 shows in 8 different states(Big numbers for an independent band). We appreciate all who have come out to our shows across this land and look forward to many more. It is with a sad heart though that we must announce the departure of our long time friend and lead guitarist Mr. Kevin Wolfe . This is not goodbye , but more of an indefinite hiatus to which Kevin will be spreading his wings with other musical endeavors . This was purely his choice and his choice alone, we wish him safe travels and much success.

Timmy D.

Spring Tour

We seriously need to blog more... or not? anyways- the tour has been going great! Making tons of new friends and fans and such. To those of you who are constantly supporting us and spreading the name of Pullman Standard... thank you so very much. We are so happy to be sharing what we love to do with you!

Hello Denver

Went and hung out in 0 degree weather last night and watched "the USED" kill it . And met a lot of cool people , Denver you are cold right now , but are so very awesome.

Happy End of 2012

Happy End of 2012 !!! So here we are... a year gone with a new one ready and waiting. Here is a quick summary of what happened this year with us. January was a tough one with our drummer Luke Catandella breaking the news to us that he had to leave the band for personal reasons. He stayed with us as long as he could but ultimately we are a band that is focused on moving forward and he could not continue on the road with us . We know that it is you the fans of us and our music that keep us alive and doing what we do , we push our selves physically and mentally all the time packing ourselves in a tour van and staying out on the road as long as our hearts and souls can endure with countless trucks stops and sub par accommodations. We love what we do and will continue to do it. I digress, back to the update . Our Spring tour was a success with very little rain and a lot of new friends and fans made. We were finalists in FORD motors gimme the gig competition where we were able to showcase our band in front of some very important peeps in the music industry including the famed "Don Was" . Summer came and went with a lot of fair and festival performances where we took second place in the famous San Diego Fair Musicpalooza battle of the bands. We released our newest album "Steam Powered Hearts" on Amazon and iTunes July 28th and hit the road to support it August September October meeting so many new faces across the US and getting us even more excited about what we do. We have spent the last couple of weeks this year in the studio working with Mike G and Wendy Starland writing and recording a few new songs. We'll keep you posted on when we plan on releasing them for all of you to hear. We are so excited for the new year and will be hitting the road even more, so keep your eyes and ears open for when we will be back out on the road and we 'll see you all real soon! Rock n Roll !!!

Timmy D. , Kevin Wolfe , Austin Smith

Merry Holidays!!!

Hey every body! Hope your Winter season starting out wonderfully. We miss you all and can't wait to get back on the road to see all of your smiling faces. Our Winter Tour is right around the corner so tell everyone you know to come out and support us. With out you we wouldnt be able to do what we do. We also have a few announcements coming up in the new year that we are very excited about and can't wait to share with you all. Until then, check out our holiday song and keep on Rockin!!!

Fingers Crossed

This is when your a little antsy because your about to leave home for a while... asking yourself.... Hmmmmmmm... Did i pack enough socks? did we bring enough merch? Are we gonna sell enough merch to keep us rolling? I hope our CD keeps selling so we can make ends meet... and so fourth. A friend of mine once said forget about the worries because they will only make you worry more. So i guess now im just excited!!!

Fresh Face in Pullman Standard

We are excited to see all of your faces out on the road this fall new fans and old fans a like Rocking your hearts out with us ! And we are also very excited to be bringing a new face out on the road to Rock with! Mr. Tyler Clark ! Make sure to greet him with a huge hug !

Need to Blog more

So now the Album is out, we are ready to hit the road... and now we need to start blogging more to keep you in the know. So let me start off by saying thank you to those who have purchased steam powered hearts. It was a long arduous process of getting it all together, but i am so glad it is finally out. When i sat down and listen to the final cut of the album start to finish... i truly felt like Steam Powered Hearts had become an album we all could be proud of. More over , i felt like the album really felt like it was telling a story. I am so proud of this album. So thank you!