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My Latin Heritage

GA FB!!! Thank you lord for another day to walk among all that you have created... Being of latin decent, I've always wanted to express the pride I have in my culture and heritage. So I wrote some songs to accentuate my contribution. It wasn't the typical Latin Salsa I grew up on or the bachata and meringue that we hear today. It was balladas that I wrote in a bluesy type of way in the tradition of old time latin style. My motto is, "I don't want to sound like everyone else, I want to sound like me!" So I wrote, "Dame Un Beso" ( Give Me A Kiss) and "Mi Viejo" (My Old Man). "Dame Un Beso was written about a boy who is asking for a kiss. Knowing that the kiss is what bonds him to her, he also asks for it to be forever and not to hurt him. "Mi Viejo" was written for a son who's father has passed and has come to him in a dream. In the dream, the son asks the father where he went, if he can see him from the stars and if he is with God. He tells how he misses his father and how he feels hurt by the lose of him. I've written a few more but these are the two that stand out the most. Both have deep meaning and were written with so much emotion behind them. It is with great pride that I say they are going to be aired in the next week on WLATNY Internet radio! So to my abuela, thank you for instilling in me the distinction and pride of being hispanic and able to share that with the world through my music! Carry on and go with God!

Waiting a life time

Ever since I can remember I've always wanted to be a singer. Throughout my life I'd sing in the choir at church and on the streets on Brooklyn. When I learned a few chords on the guitar, I wrote my first song called "The Brother I never Had". I was about 13 yrs old. It was a reflection of how I felt as a child being the oldest and only boy. Then I wrote my next song entitled: "Mama Please Don't Cry". This song was about my life and what I would do to change the revolving door until I became the same thing I tried so hard to get away from. Throughout my years of writing poems and songs, they always reflected my life and surroundings. I felt other peoples pain and had a way of putting it on paper and then to music. Here it is, 34 yrs later and I'm finally trying to get the world to listen to my words and my music. It's never to late if you have the ambition and the determination. I count my blessings and believe in a higher power who stands beside me and guides me. This could be the beginning or the beginning of the end. What ever way the wind blows me at least I'll have the satisfaction of knowing I tried and that I have given it my best shot. It's my dream and I'm going to live it till I can not dream no more!