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Country Music and The Independent Artist

Being an independent artist is not easy. We don't have the backing of a major label and most if not all of our expenses (recording, promoting, photography, videos, etc) are from our own pockets. For most it is not a narcissitic thing. It is about what we believe in, who we are, and what we love to do. It is our passion and every ounce of energy, sweat, blood, and tears goes into our art to make it the best possible for whoever wants to listen. Do you, as a fan, support indy artists? Sometimes the music you love to listen to can only be found through the independent artists. So many of us do gigs for free, give away a few cds here and there to promote ourselves. We sometimes work two jobs (which I have done) and scrimp and save every dollar we make just so we can go into the studio to record another song, film another video, that touches our hearts and brings that passion out in us. We cannot keep doing this if we can't survive as an independent artist. We are thankful for all the internet radio stations and whichever terrestial radio stations that are out there playing our music. We take chances that if we put our music out there people are not downloading it without paying for it, or burning copies of cds so their friends can have it. We know its done and we have to accept it up to a point. But without the help and support of those who do purchase our products, we cannot survive. Country music has the greatest and the most loyal fans there are. We love them and we would not be doing what we do if it wasn't for them. So, I ask all of you to support your favorite indy artists and to let them know you appreciate them and the sacrifices, financially, spiritually, and physically they make to get their great music out there to you. You are our lifeline. You are our support. You are what makes us the artist. Thank you for reading.