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"Burden Me" New Video released!

Dear friends, We are very emotional about the release of the new music video of the song entitled, "Burden Me", from our new album. It represents the culmination of one solid year of hard work, the coordination of many different people helping make it possible by putting everything they had into it, and the result is nothing less than excellent. We hope you all enjoy! http://youtu.be/4_frA15MFGQ

New album out 22 september

We proudly present the cover of our next album, "Compassion Forlorn!" The artwork was done by Andreu Beltrán (www.andreu-art.com), who has translated the artistic concept and the overall meaning of the music very well. We hope you like it! In addition, here is the the track list of the album: 1. The Inner Crumble 2. Burden Me 3. Looters 4. Unified 5. Delusive Eyes 6. I am to Blame 7. Reason Dies Last 8. Els Dies Tranquils

Helevorn's new album

We are pleased to announce the appearance of a special guest on the new album in the form of female vocals. Irish singer-songwriter, Lisa Cuthbert (www.lisacuthbert.com) who has released two spectacular solo albums will be bringing her brilliant emotional and profound style to one of Helevorn's new tracks. Nice work, Lisa! Thank you for your contribution and for translating all of your amazing talent into our song! It's magnificent!

Helevorn enters the studio

- The band has entered at the Psychosomatic Studios in Mallorca to start the recording sessions of their third album, "Compassion Forlorn". - The new eight tracks album will be released early 2014 and Andreu Beltrán (andreu-art.com) will be the responsible of the artwork.

Helevorn signs with WTFucktory!

Helevorn has just signed for WTFuctory, a brand new management, promotion and booking agency!. New proyects with new people!.”

New Helevorn's Solidarity T-Shirt

On sale now our new solidarity T-Shirt. With a new design based on a typical Mallorcan iconography. After the devasting fire we had in our islan this past July, we want give our support by donating 2 euros form each sale, to help for the reforestation of burned muntains. You can make your order at our official Helevorn's website (www.helevorn.com)

Rehearsal is the anwer

We're fully concentrated, constructing new songs for our next studio album. We will keep you informed, you'll find more info here and at our official website.

Welcome 2012

We farewell 2011 thankful to all of those who have supported us in one way or another. It has been a great year for the band, We’ve played in Germany, Rotterdam, Czech Republic, Spain, where we have made great friends and we hope in 2012 you keep supporting us and achieve more than ever. See you soon.

Wave Gotik Treffen Festival Update

Wave Gotik Treffen 2011 posted the official program on their website:

Helevorn will play @ Pantheon/Kantine (h 20:00-21:00) on Sunday 12 june:

16.30h doors open 17.00h The Foreshadowing (I) @ Pantheon/Kuppelhalle 18.00h Crib45 (FIN) @ Pantheon/Kantine 19.00h October Tide (S) @ Pantheon/Kuppelhalle 20.00h HELEVORN @ Pantheon/Kantine 21.00h Katatonia (S) @ Pantheon/Kuppelhalle

Vote for "video of the year" MMCM

"From Our Glorious Days" Video has been nominated as "Top-10 of the Year" by the web MMCM! Click on the link (you can vote once a day) we need your support, thanks!! Look for NEW 2 http://www.myspace.com/531128417