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So we've been on a bit of an extended hiatus...

It's all because we let a certain member who will remain nameless (who may or may not be currently typing this) take over the internet end of things. She completely failed.

We're also sort of holding our breath and waiting to see if Desi's arm is going to get better, or if we're rearranging...um...everything. (see: firing useless drummer. muahahahaha. I can say this because I am Desi. No really.)

So in the meantime, enjoy what we've got...may see some strictly acoustic guitarisms later, but no promises because we're dirty musicians, after all.

Thanks for reading!

-The Nylon Sneaky Girls (especially Desi because if you read this the other two might not be quite so mad at me.)

Back in the shack!

And quite happy about it! It's been two whole months, but our injured drummer is more or less hale and whole again and we are back in the business of rocking out. Or bluesing out, such as the case may be. Enjoying the summer, new drums, and playing again.

3 -- Nylon Sneaky

Last Night, Whoa ..a.. oh Last Night :)

Oh man, that felt so so so good !!!!!! Now now don't go getting the wrong idea. Playing a short set felt really good, come on now this is not that sort of a blog :) We all felt a wee bit nervous (it has been a long while) but we pulled it off, we had fun, and I'm only going to drive over one of my guitars (kidding) The pickup died in the black Tak that I use for open tuned slide tunes (of which we were only doing one) bummer bummer bummer!!!!! But aside from that we shared a few laughs with the audience, and I only hope that they enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed playing :) Onward, onward, onward !!!!!!!

Totally not letting Alice blog anymore.

Okay, okay, maybe we shall. But then again, perhaps we shan't! Of course, I can't really stop her.

In other news today, we are preparing for our first little public appearance and I think we're all three actually feeling pretty excited! We try not to show it though. We have a strict band policy against looking anything but cool. lol.

Okay, don't let Desi blog anymore either.


The Perfect Shack

The perfect practice shack would be sound proof, have ample electrical outlets, good lighting, and heat (for the drums) not for us cause we are never cold. Nope not this girl band, this girl band is hot hot hot :) The perfect practice shack would be secure and within walking distance. It would have a sound booth, where one could do insta recordings. Oh yeah, a booth would be a great song writing tool. The paint colour would be very important. What colour encourages creativity, energizes and calms, feels welcoming, warm and ...... wow, what colour? Oh oh I can see that the colour of the walls is going to be an issue. I did not foresee this when I began this keyboard dribble session. But now I obviously have a problem. A huge problem. What on earth colour am I going to paint my non exsistent dream practice shack ???????