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Latest Review: Wildy's World

Olio - Living The Dream 2007, AD4 Records Los Angeles based Olio is an unusual conglomeration. It's a power trio made up of a film composer, a DJ, and a director of music arts. Influenced by everything from Classic Rock to Classic Soul to a hint of country here and there, Olio has created a sound that is at once recognizable and accessible, while managing to be new and different. The disc submitted to Wildy's World are ten songs from the project entitled Living The Dream which will eventually be 15-20 songs long. If this disc is any indication, Living The Dream should be a juggernaut. I'll be honest and say that comparisons to Queen will be in order on several tracks. The musical construction has a quasi-symphonic construction that is similar in style to bands like Queen, Yes, Styx, etc. One Last Goodbye is one such song with tight instrumentation, non-traditional construction, and even a reggae bridge. Bad Apple is a delicious guitar rock song that sounds like Nuno Betterncourt is playing lead guitar. I invite you all to check out Soccer Mom, an entirely politically incorrect neo-punk tune that could gain particular prominence in the current political environment if re-recorded as "Hockey Mom". Four Letter Word is a great 1960's flavored tune with a bit of tongue-in-cheek flair. Here We Go (featuring Young Crew), which is currently a house song for the New Jersey Devils Hockey team, is an up and at 'em anthem you have to hear. Other highlights include Completely Beautiful and Working For America. Olio isn't simply a sign of the revival of the classic rock sound; they've actually managed to create a classic sound that is new without stepping into the land of cliché. This is music with incredible commercial potential. It's fun to listen to; it's articulate, and it's musically complex and rewarding. Living The Dream is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and shows incredible promise when it is completed. I have debated whether this is Desert Island material, only because it is incomplete, but it's certain that even the ten songs here stand up on their own as a great work. So yes, Living The Dream is a Wildy's World Certified Desert Island Disc. Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5) www.wildysworld.com

Straight From LA Music Awards Founder...

I would like to create a category that can recognize how amazing you guys are a s a power trio. When I hear stuff like what you do, I am reminded that 20 categories just are not enough to handle all the diversity of styles that come in to our organization. Give me some time to decide how I can place you in a Producers Choice category. I like the idea of Power Trio of the Year. You guys are superb musicians. Al Bowman Founder / Executive Producer LA Music Awards

Four Letter Word

Currently mixing a new song called "Four Letter Word." More specifically sometimes love is a four letter word... Should have it up and ready for download next week. New songs that are in various stages of recording are "Bring Baby Home", "Holding My Heart", "Change" and "Pride."

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That’z Right Olio is now offer ALL of our music, YES ALL of our music absolutely FREE!!!! ALL that we ask is that you sign up on our mailing list. if you wanna know when and where we’re playing or kool deals on merchandise. so, we’re giving you the music for FREE!!!! DOWNLOAD, SHARE, Hell we’ll email the songs to you if you want! Just give us your legit email and you can have the music for FREE or don’t give us your email and get the music for FREE! THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!! ENJOY & LIVE THE DREAM, Olio~