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On Our Way

We just made some major adjustments to our group and my team felt it was more effective to push me as a solo artist, not everyone is as focussed as myself so I can't be having anything stop me. We feel real good about this being a breakout year for us. Lanyards were ordered and also t shirts, they will be available very soon. I'm currently writing my album so I have been extremely busy. I appreciate all the love and support you all have shown.

I've added my Debut Mixtape for free download

http://www.datpiff.com/Myrical-Are-You-Ready-mixtape.373288.html go here to listen to and/or download my free debut mixtape titled "Are You Ready" please share with your friends as well thank you for your continued support.

- myrical

ps. we are in the works of a new mixtape as well. stay tuned wild noise is the first track of the upcoming mixtape.

Mixtape Debut already circulating

Ok so I officially released my debut solo mixtape titled "Are You Ready" some songs are on my page here that are on the mixtape. pleace follow my twitter or join my fan page on faceboook. www.facebook.com/myricalsback thank you all for the continued support. if you are interested in getting a copy of the cd message or comment me and I will get you one. Thanks again.

- myrical

The Last Enemy Vol.1 - Mixtape finally done.

Ok here's the deal.... This weekend I was able to complete my debut mixtape "The Last Enemy" Vol.1 Its currently getting pressed up theres 9 solid tracks. copies will be professionally packaged up wrapped in plastic they will be $5.00 each. If you purchased a shirt since the cd will be out first you will recieve the second mixtape "The Last Enemy" Vol. 2 for free. those copies will be $7.00 so i'm savin you some money to.. The shirts will be done shortly after or around the time of the release of volume 1.. we are 3 weeks away from distribution. Thanks to all my fans that have supported me thus far. I have started working on the next project already the next cd will have 11 tracks. and vol. 3 will have 13 there is a method behind my madness. order your cd now myricalbookings@gmail.com

$5.00 a CD professionally packaged up $12.00 Shirts

get your orders in today thank you for the support.

- myrical myricalbookings@gmail.com all orders send to

Updated Mixtape News

Ok so its been a little over a month since I posted a blog. After my show I have been in the lab since and I am getting ready to release my mixtape debut. We are closing in the final 4 weeks of production, also we have ordered t shirts printed front and back, symbolizing everyone who purchases a t shirt is automatically is part of the street team for my movement. Mixtapes will be given out free to whoever purchases a shirt. That is all for now any questions or opinions/advice feel free to email me or reply here.

- myrical

Mixtape progress....

So the mixtape is coming along great, and I will def. have samplers at the show december 3rd, mixtape is right on schedule and it will be done by christmas and I am really looking forward to this. I got an interview with CDUB films the night of my show as well we will you tube it after the show.. BIG BIG THINGS Myrical Coming to a stage near you. Also big shout out to my homie and producer LU of ALL BREED productions. Wait til his shit drops... hes the best kept secret promise you that.


To all my fans, This month has been such a grind and success so far for Myrical music. We now got t-shirts for sale. With every purchase of a shirt you get a free mixtape and I will personally add you to the mailing list. For promo's, newly tracks never released yet, and direct interaction via website coming very very soon..... December 3rd we are at the silo guys come support get your t shirts now! we rolling deep! Thank you for all you do as my fans and street team, I love you guys..

Making Progress

Well yesterday had quite a humbling experience, and once again god is testing me. A friend "T-Sick" of "treal" told me there is a certain time in a musicians life where you will be tested and think you don't have what it takes to press on in the business. It makes some but it breaks most. True advice that once a year i seem to be hitting. Anyways reassed my situation and my work ethic, wrote out a detailed action plan today and taking intense action on it. Hard work pays off. My producer is taking me from being a "good rapper" to a "great artist" the transition is frustrating but it is wellw orth it and I am def. glad I met this man. He tells me what i need to hear not what I want to hear.. I will spend the next 5 weeks getting ready for my big show December 2nd at the Silo where a few of the local artists are opening for me that night. Wish us all luck.. that is all for now..