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Tour dates announced with Brownbird Rudy Relic for June and July! Check fb for more details!

Feels so good

Hey folks. As you can probably gather, I've been playing a bunch of shows this year. I've been honored to be a part of some great productions and shows put on by some great folks/organizations here in Richmond. I've done a little out of town gigging as well, and am hoping to do more of that this summer!

I started doing a duet project back in November with my good friend Josh Bearman (Of The Hot Seats) called Sweet Fern. You can find us on Facebook, bandcamp and of course, reverbnation. We have a brand new CD that we are excited to share with you, as well!

Other than that, Josh and I have started hosting/booking a once a month americana/roots show case over at Balliceaux, called Twangtown Thursdays! It's the 4th Thursday of every month and we are hoping we can do them for the rest of the year and onward! You can find that event on FB as well!

I also put out another CD in December, which you can purchase at shows if you are interested!

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Help me get shows in your town!

Hey everyone, I am gonna be traveling around quite a bit in the next couple months, and will have several "breaks" in between the things I already have planned out.

Here are some dates I would LOVE to get booked, please get in touch if you can help book me, or have ideas of places/people I should contact.

May 29th-June 2nd- Asheville, Greensboro, Charlotte, ETC.Anywhere in NC pretty much.

June 12-15 - West Virginia, Kentucky,Tennessee

June 20th-July 1st - wide open, I'd love to fill these dates with some kind of fun.....

I can be flexible about the dates and states, if you have an idea for me, don't hesitate to ask!

Any questions, please get in touch!

thanks in advance!!!!