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New Album

Well folks, the day has come…our first album is now available to one and all. Yep, we’re pretty thrilled about it. And we’ll be even more excited once you get to listen to your very own copy! We hope the music ingrains itself into your subconscious and that it becomes a part of your very existence. And if it does, be sure to send me a quick email. I’d love to know!

All right, I better end this soon because I’ve been instructed by certain nameless band members not to use any mush and gush in my blog posts. What do you all think about that? Yeah, I’m thinking you should flood the Ivy Street email until they see the light. That’s what I’m thinking.

Thanks to everyone who’s been so encouraging thus far, and thanks in advance to everyone who’s planning on buying the album. I really do appreciate it.

Blessings, Christina