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"KopaTechnic Brings Music Back to the People"

Platinum BMI award-winning music producer, R.K. Jackson, returns after a seven year hiatus to remind us of what we were missing in Dance Music Beverly Hills, CA (March 19, 2010) - KopaTechnic, the newest addition to the dance music genre is becoming one of the most sought after new groups of 2010. The eight track debut EP is slated for an early 2010 release with the assistance of Otto D'Agnolo (Chaton Studios). The EP is already seeping with summer hits like "I Just Can't Take It" and will transport you poolside, drink in hand, and praying the season never ends. Their first track, "When I Hit The Club", is a taste of what is yet to come from this eclectic group. With a piano beat that will remind you of the dance floor of New Yorks' Paradise Garage nightclub, it is impossible to sit still with this track thumping in your ears. This track already has a Reflex remix that is quickly becoming a dance-floor favorite. "Makes Me Feel" is a track that is all but club-worthy and expresses KopaTechnic's true range of style; with a slight hip-hop undertone and vocals that would make Beyonce nervous; this is a track that will surely grab the attention of all music enthusiasts. KopaTechnic has created a soulful ballad with "Journey Thru Vegas" that intertwines Soul Train with modern day club beats that make it irresistible. A track created in less than a day by three trained lyricists invokes one to remember how music used to be, and what it has evolved into today. The 8 track album is fast paced and up-beat in the first half but leads to a more mellow and introspective second half. About KopaTechnic: Dance music has been evolving since its birth in the mid-80's and nobody understands the evolution of such music like R.K. Jackson (Madonna's "Love Don't Live Here Anymore Remix", RuPau'sl "Little Drummer Boy", Cece Peniston's "Finally"). Born in the era of disco and funky-style tunes, Jackson has forever been a believer in the celebratory message of dancing and sexuality that music can have on a person's soul. Ringleader Jackson is proud of his troupe, "What makes us unique is that you can actually hear the instruments we use." Amber Dirks (Reflex Ft. Amber Dirks "Feel The Love", DJ JST & Amber Dirks "Rejoice", and Power 2 Move "Stepping Out") offers her vocals to the group. Jackson and Dirks had collaborated together with Markus Schulz on the single "Do You Want Me" and have been waiting to get back in the studio ever since. An old friend, Jimmie Alston, was more than willing to dedicate his skills and energy to the new project and it was then that this trio became what is now KopaTechnic. These three vibrant artists are not only trying to help us understand their craft, but want to take other artists under their wing and show them the ropes. "Our end goal is assisting upcoming artists and grooming them so that they will learn from our mistakes." Amber responds with sincerity. More information on KopaTechnic: http://reverbnation.com/kopatechnic http://twitter.com/kopatechnic http://www.myspace.com/kopatechnic http://www.sonicbids.com/kopatechnic For interview opportunities please contact:

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