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Back with a bang

First gig is set for the 28th June at the Comedy in leicester square. Come join us for a night of drinking, debauchery and most importantly music!

We're Back!!

Finally up and running again we've got new full band demos, acoustic recordings and will be gigging in the extremely near future, stay tuned

Progress II

Sweet Asphyxiation is also finished but we didn't like the first mix of the two songs so they are being mixed again. We now have several more finished songs as well. We have several possible gigs lined up for the summer. Keep Listening! Cadence


Our first recording; Black and Blue, is done and is currently going through the process of final mastering Our second; a real version of Sweet Asphyxiation, has been completely recorded with the exception of George's drums -- a simple matter of him and the studio being available on the same day. Our third is still a working progress and is currently nameless; though is shaping up well and is one of my favorites!

Keep Listening!