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Is deja-vu just a quick visit to our sub-consiuos when we witness an event, or hear a certain sound. perhaps it really is a stimulus that promotes a past life memory or event, such as certain music chord progressions & or arrangements trigger the "where have I heard that before" complex... the actual dicipline of music covers so many of the brains triggers & memory that one may never Know its true depth. Some of us (meaning me) believe that it all starts in the womb. Depending on just where our mothers carried us,aka interior womb lokation albeit high,middle or low. front side or back gave us a prequel to our own sound & rythym preferences. I prefer the 40-1.0 range (htz-kilohertz) If i was carried high & was subjected to moms heavy driving heartbeat for 9 months, of course I would be a bassist, or Drmmer but you get my drift. So think on these things besides all the other stimuli that life & society pummels us with (whitch promotes our creativity) & relish in others musical outlets & appreciate them all. We bear witness to the inner-souls of all these awesome & creative artiststhru their music. your friend, jonny Q