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Kyle Van Band / Blog

Good News -- We can all use a little more of that

Our drummer, Mike Mitchell, is home safe from overseas. We are S-T-O-K-E-D.

Stay tuned for upcoming shows and events. Everyone is super busy these days, but my hopes are that we can fit in maybe one show a month?!

So when we come to your town, you don't want to miss it!!!


Thanks everyone. It's been real. ;)

As of today, June 20, 2011, the Kyle Van Band will be on hiatus.

We've had fun playing all over Southern California, with lots of good musicians.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this dream a reality. I love writing and singing music and will probably continue to do so. I no longer have the time to manage, support, and book for this project.

In the last five years, there have been magic songs, gigs, and many many moments. I wish every day could be so special. I am grateful that we were able to record at least a little bit of that.

I hope you will to continue to spread the word, listen to the music, and remember the good times with me.

Happy Birthday to my Aunt Bambi in Australia. I wish I had better news to share.

That's all for now. -Kyle

Born to Eat Turkey -- A Thanksgiving Song

Born to Eat Turkey Lyrics by Kyle Van Buskirk http://reverbnation.com/kylevanband

Tune of “Born to Be Wild” Apologies to Steppenwolf

E Get yer turkeys brining Ready for the oven Apple pies are waiting Turkey Day is coming

Bridge: Yeah family’s gonna make it happen Get yer Granny in a love embrace Keep an eye on that deep fryer son, so It don’t explode into space!

I like mash and stuffing Candied yams and string beans Hot biscuits and gravy And whatever you pass my way!


BUILD: An all-American family Gathered like an old painting We will stuff ourselves Until we fall asleep!


Keep the good stuff coming I’m so hungry it ain’t funny Can smell the good stuff cooking Brother steals a leg when no one’s looking




I wish you could have seen us play the other night!

We have evolved (or devolved, depending on your view)! Maintaining the original intensity is easy, when we love what we do. Add to that more polish, more experience, more charisma. It doesn’t take us long to warm a crowd. We’ve played nearly 200 shows. These days we put quality first, choosing venues where we’ll be most appreciated and our fans have the most fun.

As a group, we lock in, and play to YOU, in the moment. Oh they’re all good musicians. That’s why I play with ‘em. That and, we all get along. Dog people every one. Get a whiff of this:

Saturday afternoon, we’re playing a private party and I look past the happy folks in the pool, at the bar, at the taco stand, through the eucalyptus leaves rustling in the onshore breeze as evening clouds envelop Mt. Soledad, listening to the quick keen solos of Professor Fritz on his telecaster and Fender tube amp and the black lacquered sax of surprise special guest, Buddy Leach, of George Thorogood and the Destroyers. That was the best live version of “Cinq Avenues” I’ve heard in years, if not ever.

“Pain Perdu”, “Autumn”, and “Georgia” rocked the party, too. Then the beautiful irony of feeling like I had everything as we played “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

Later on, some apologies to Merle Haggard as I sang to our new friends by the sea:

“Turn me loose, set me free. Somewhere in the middle of La Jolla… give me ev’ry good wave at Windansea. And keep all the kooks back, back at Law Street and Tourmaline… Summer crowds, turn me loose and set me free!”

Of course I’m only kidding. Summer crowds, we love you.

Every Summer is Filled with Change.

This one's no different.

Many of us have suffered personal losses. Some in the form of jobs. Some lost homes. Some lost people we love. It's been a hard time and while we'd rather focus on the good times, I have to tip my hat and show respect to the people that struggle along with us, in the audience, in our lives, on the net, and even into the afterlife.

This summer I got to reconnect with my adopted Aunt in Honolulu. I hadn't seen her in years but the passing of my grandfather gave us a good reason to catch up. What made the trip possible was the generosity of my parents, who brought me, my girlfriend, and my siblings with their spouses to help celebrate their wedding anniversary on the Big Island of Hawaii. Because of them, I got to look into the volcano and from the biggest mountain on earth, I looked through a telescope and saw the rings of Saturn and Jupiter in the same sky. Because of them, I got to snorkel in the placid cove where Captain Cook was "accidentally" murdered over 200 years ago.

This summer our drummer Mike returned home safely from his tour with the Navy. I look forward to catching up with him this week.

Since April, our drummer Bob, whose taken Mike's place so professionally, so pleasantly and so helpfully, has brightened our gigs and rehearsals with his storytelling, humor, and experience. Alas, he's had more than his share of loss and I hope that audiences together with the band, can help bring him as much happiness and relief as possible.

This summer brought us a new player and another Mitchell: Mr. Stokes, whose love of early rock and outlaw country comes through in his playing and who's backing vocals help fill out the live KVB sound. I look forward to more fun gigs, rehearsals and surf sessions with Mitch.

After this summer, our bass player Jason will be moving on to focus on his 60s style rock and roll band, Blues and Greens. They play a good mix of covers and originals that I enjoy and so I wish them all the best. Perhaps he'll still sit in with us from time to time.

I look forward to having interested bassists join up with us this Thursday in La Mesa to audition for the Kyle Van Band. Ideally, they can play rock and country, Irish and Cajun. Possibly, they play upright and sing backups. Most of all, they should be fun to play with.

That's all for now. I've got some waves to catch. I guess there are still a few things that don't change, at least for now. ;)

My Grandfather died last night while I rehearsed with my band.

He is already missed.

He will always be remembered.

Summer Shows + Kyle Van Band merch!!!

Hey folks, it's been a busy week!

Booked a lot of shows from next week, all the way to August. And they'll be some fun shows.

I'd like to invite you all to check out the new Kyle Van Band merch at http://zazzle.com/kylevanband

You can also find the link by clicking on the "Store" tab above our music.

Not only will you be looking good, you'll be helping the band.

New Photos

Some of y'all have commented that you like our new photos. Thanks! Credit goes to Janalyn of Horizon Light Photography. She's based in San Diego. Her work is good and affordable. Google her or try:


Just got back from an exciting trip up through the Southern California deserts including: Joshua Tree, Mojave, the Salton Sea, and Ocotillo Wells. Of course my girl and I had to end the trip by retreating from the heat with an apple pie in Julian!

Along the way, we hung out with longtime friend and LA photographer, Drew Loden, who took some cool pics, both music and fashion related. Stay tuned--I hope to be able to share some of them soon. Some of the pics document a top-secret instrument that might be included soon at shows and in performances. Sorry, no hints at this time.

And here's something else to chew on: there might be a few more voices joining me on stage soon, adding to the beauty of our message.

That's all for now!

Great show in PB with the new line up - 2/18/09

Cinq Avenues, Mississippi Queen, Chemistry, and The Last Gentleman were tight.

Psycho Chicken got the crowd clucking and squawking along as Kyle improvised more bizarre, cool, and funny chicken noises than ever before.

Dana's guitar solos were rocking through the power tunes, spooky on down tempo tunes like Le Loup Garou, and sometimes plain mesmerizing.

As the venue filled up, there were many instances where everything just stopped to take in the vibe created by the Kyle Van Band.

After the KVB set, it was a treat to take in the Buzzbombs and their party antics.

An all around solid night for the 710 and a good show from the new KVB line up.

--"Boss" Kirk

New Songs On Reverbnation

There's been a lot of changes for all of us so far in 2009 and I don't know when things will settle down. Meanwhile, we're still playing all over SoCal. Book a show with us right here through Reverbnation. You can follow our concerts here, too.

I've posted up many more songs here today because for the most part, I prefer reverbnation to myspace. It also allows my updates to go seamlessly to the facebook page.

New titles you can hear at http://reverbnation.com/kylevanband 1. Shannon MacLaughlin 2. Benny Franklin Blues 3. Chemistry 4. Le Loup Garou 5. Georgia (studio version) 6. The Last Gentleman

The only drawback is that some of the longer songs get "cut-off" due to RB's 8meg limit. But if you like the song enough, I hope you'll order a CD with the complete tracks or buy the complete tune online (coming soon).