Whats new with Infekt

Well alot has gone on since we last posted here. First off we added a new guitar player to the band, his name is Clint and hes a bad ass to say the least! We've been in the process of writing and recording for our next ep release which will have 4 brand new songs on it, one of which is already avaliable for download exclusively at Reverbnation. We would like to thank everyone for continueing to support us online and at shows, it warms our hearts to see so many people enjoying what we do. Thats all we have for now we will keep everyone posted as the writing/recording process continues. Keep it heavy Infekt

Recording and More

Whats going on guy!

We have a couple updates since everyone keeps asking what is going on with merch/CD. First We are starting recording May 1st, this will be our first Full Length CD called "Out Break". We have the track listing done and artwork just about finished.

1. Quarantine 2. Skinned Alive 3. Encased, Enclosed 4. Swarm the Enemy 5. Extermination 6. Killing Hands I 7. Tactical Carnage 8. Gazing Within 9. Living Abortion 10. Becoming the Plague 11. Butchered Like Cattle 12. Killing Hands II

We have the designs for shirts, hats and stickers which will be printed over this summer and available at our cd release party. We want to thank everyone for all the support and patience, a great many things have happened to this band over the last 2 years with constantly changing members and set backs, but we have a kick ass, stable lineup and are writing new material as we record our current songs.

Keep checking back for updates and song teasers in the very near future. Keep it heavy


EkoTren's Light to Shine Kick off party!

Venue: The Dungeon Price $5 When? May 7th Time: 8 p.m. Who: EkoTren, Infekt, Lost in Progress, Scorned, No Self, Born From Ashes

Come help us kick off EkoTren's Light to Shine Tour at the Dungeon Friday, May 7th gonna on bad ass show. Presale tickets are available from all bands.


Check it out come and get wasted with some great metal bands.