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If I was to spamplay my own songs to boost my rankings, would that make me look successful or desperate I wonder :/

new gig, new song :)

As always I bring with me a brand new song for tomorrows gig at Vertshuset Cafe & Bar.

Keeping busy :)

Got several new songs since my last blogpost, all performed live to test them out, and they work like a charm :) As soon as I get a decent recording done, I just might post them here, so stay tuned :)


Frustrating at times, but still hanging in there

As I sit listening to my favourite country radiostation, it hits me as always. Why the Sam Hill do they all sing the same old songs over and over. All I hear is weak cover versions of what used to be great songs. I guess if I recorded coversongs too, I'd be getting the listens, sales and gigs the others do, but I'll be damned if I sell out. My songs are important to me, and its the same thrill everytime I get a new sale in :)

Latest release now on Spotify

Seems like earnings from Spotifyplays are slim to none, but my countryalbum have had a good deal of streams, and I'm eager to see how this "irish" album will do. takes at least 2-3 months before first numbers are in..

Irish gig last saturday

Had a good time playing all irish trad goodies all night long. A couple of vid's from the gig is posted on my profilepage for your viewing pleasure

New song coming along

Just finished a rew copy of a new song with a bit of "outlaw" country sound Sendt it to a couple of country dj's for review, might be posting it here shortly

Whats nilsemann been up to lately?

Well, like today, I was trying to record the vocals on a new song I'm working on, but the neightbours brats kept throwing snowballs on my windows and all, so I decided to stop for a while, finish it tomorrow I guess. Checked out my facebook, tunecore and myspace, but quickly discovered that I had not become rich nor famous today either. Oh well, theres always tomorrow right? :-)

2010-02-28 15:03 Got around to finish the vocals on my newest song "Real deal, countrymusic man" Had a nice rehearsal, too much coffee, a nice dinner, AND Norway won gold at 50km Go Petter! Sent a bunch of my songs to a couple of radiostations, hoping for a wee bit of airplay. We'll see how that goes :-)

2010-03-21 20:48 Album "all country, all the time" finished compiled a few days ago, I have ordered a hard copy, eagerly awaiting too see what it looks/sounds like. If its good I'll have more printed for gigs and fans and all, as well as putting it out on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. Cant wait till it gets here, damn mail is soo slow sometimes.. 2010-04-04 15:10 Copy of the CD was fine, a few minor adjustments, will be up on iTunes etc in a couple of weeks. Started working on a pure irish trad CD, posted a few tracks already for streaming, but ofc one can buy'em as well :-)