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Update November 18, 2013 (Blog, Bio, Links)

Hi everyone, first of all a sincere “thank you” for your continued support! This newest blog functions as an update (meaning some info will be deleted) for VanLeeuwen albums that can be bought by writing an e-mail to vanleeuwenmusic@live.nl and by using PayPal. Prices are in EUR (I’ll be happy to inform you of the equivalent for other currencies); please see the VanLeeuwen Catalogue on the front page. The bio has also been updated today. Some referrals to previous websites were also deleted. Second quarter of 2014 a new VanLeeuwen Band line-up will see the light of day. A warm “thank you” to all people who made previous line-ups etc possible! The new line-up will exist of drums, bass guitar, keyboards, and (myself) synthesized clarinet (main instrument) and flute (second instrument). I will no longer play tenor saxophone live on stage anymore. For special occasions I will invite tenor saxophone players to fulfill a guest role! Don’t worry, I can make a synthesized clarinet sound like a tenor saxophone! I also said goodbye (finally) to the Roland RE-501; I’m all “taped out” so to speak. Discovered some good alternatives for the Sound on Sound aspect. OK, enough said; come and see us in 2014! (Dates will be on the VL RN page.) Albums: The Last Breath & Live at The Hague (1 CDROM & 1 DVD) (2008) (doc on VL / Junction Road Band live) / Unexpected Expectations (3 CDs) (2008) (Sessions) / OU12CYIM2B4U (5 CDs) (2008) (Junction Road Band / Cadiz) / The Canadian Adventure (3 CDs) (2009) (Xenomania) / Live at The Hague (2 CDs) (2009) (Junction Road Band live) / 2 Hours of 2 Millenniums (2 CDs) (2011) (VanLeeuwen Solo / VanLeeuwen Band) / TINCA (1 CD) (2011) (Xenomania) / Absolutely Definitely Live!! (2 CDs) (2011) (VanLeeuwen Band) / VanLeeuwen on The Net - A Trilogy (CDROM) (2013) Also: 2014 and 2015: upcoming studio and live recordings (VanLeeuwen Band) Update: August 8 2014 2 DVD album (100 minutes) called "Coming to Terms" VanLeeuwen Acoustic (solo performances).

Thank you !!!

Just a word on me “being # 1 locally and nationally”: On September 15th, 2012 VL made it to be # 1 locally and nationally on the Jazz charts, until September 25th, 2012 I believe; then, on September 28th, 2012, VL was back: # 1 locally and nationally on the Jazz charts, and up to yesterday that situation didn’t change (January 29th, 2012)! Today VL has become #2 in the National Jazz Charts. The promotion period will stop tomorrow. It’s time to move on to other things....already busy...!!! Four months and a day non-stop # 1 locally and nationally is not a bad score, is it?! Thanks for your support! Will inform each and every fan of mine on new developments and undertakings, shows, releases and media exposure. Be on the ReverbNation Fan Reach List! Thanks again. Jos van Leeuwen.

So what's new?!

Today, Oct 28th, 2012, I terminated my pages with Assinck Records and WhoTune. Not much was happening for me there, although they did their best. Too time consuming for me. On WhoTune there was a 4000 character blog called "The Missing Years". I'd been asked in Dec 2010 what I had been doing all those years. Here it is: part 1,2,3,& 4. For those who are interested! We're almost 2 years further up on the road now, and it's exciting! Thanks to ReverbNation! Best, Jos van Leeuwen.

"The Missing Years" blog from WhoTune part 4.

June 2010: Completing the WhoTune and ReverbNation sites: Bio, Photos, Blogs, uploading tracks (but not for downloading yet) (This will happen when I open the WhoTune and ReverbNation stores in Aug / Sep).

July 2010: Holidays.

August 2010: Downloaded CDex 1.50 for converting Wav files to MP3 files. Final result: 117 MP3 files. Picked 48 tracks to be put on the sites (gradually). Opening up the ReverbNation Store on August 17th , 2010. Not opening up the WhoTune Store, but (Store-wise) linking it to ReverbNatio.com. (ReverbNation wants USD 0.30 per MP3, but no up front costs.) (WhoTune takes 15%, and a starter fee, and a yearly fee; no thank you.) Updated and amended MySpace, ReverbNation, and WhoTune. Uploaded the first 3 tracks to my ReverbNation Store on August 17th, 2010. Imported my MySpace fans to ReverbNation om August 19th, 2010. 11 Tracks in total in ReverbNation Store on August 22nd 2010. Updated and amended MySpace, ReverbNation, and WhoTune.

September 2010: Listened several times to each and every MP3 track, in order to make my decision which ones to pick. At some occasions I changed my mind. I tried to track down Jos van Veen and Ron Buffam. No result unfortunately. Updated and amended MySpace, ReverbNation, and WhoTune.

October 2010: In the beginning of October I increased the number of MP3s in RN My Store from 11 to 20. Updated and amended MySpace, ReverbNation, and WhoTune. (lots of pictures uploaded to ReverbNation.) 5 Songs on ReverbNation were added by 10 Trailers. Updated (and printed) files applicable on VanLeeuwen on memory stick. October 30th, 2010: updated (and printed) PayPal, Hyves, Facebook, and WhoTune.

November 2010: Listened to the 120 mp3’s (on my smartphone). Updates to WhoTune.com / MySpace.com / and ReverbNation.com Copied pages of memory stick, and WhoTune and MySpace, and assembled a “book”. (ReverbNation will be next, sometime in December) 7 tracks of Cadiz uploaded to ReberbNation/VanLeeuwen.

December 2010: 23 tracks (Junction Road Band, Xenomania/VanLeeuwen Band) to be uploaded to ReberbNation/VanLeeuwen ReverbNation pages to be copied and to be added to the “book”. Updates to WhoTune.com / MySpace.com (new version, quite some work) / and ReverbNation.com Opened up WhoTune “Store” with 10 tracks. (they now only take 15%, no extras) (Promotion of the ReverbNation My Store will start in January 2011) Updates to WhoTune.com / MySpace.com / ReverbNation.com will take place on an continuous basis.

VanLeeuwenMusic@live.nl www.Paypal.nl (VanLeeuwenMusic@live.nl) www.Hyves.nl (VanLeeuwenMusic) (Van Leeuwen) (Jos van Leeuwen) www.Facebook.com (Jos van Leeuwen / VanLeeuwen / VanLeeuwen Band) www.WhoTune.com (Jos van Leeuwen) www.ReverbNation.com (VanLeeuwen) www.MySpace.com/491407345

"The Missing Years" blog from WhoTune part 3.

July 2009: Ripped the audio from the DVD Live at The Hague 1984. 2 CD package called Junction Road Band – Live at The Hague (1984). Did the artwork as always as well. Production: 25 (continued in August 2009). Bought a “Jewel Box” for CD-Rom and DVD package The Last Breath and Live at The Hague, CD package Live at The Hague, Unexpected Expectations, OU12CYIM2B4U, The Canadian Adventure, Original files and docs (2 + 1 data DVDs, VanLeeuwen, Illustrations (The Search), Synthesized Clarinet, At First Sight. July 30th I opened a “My Space” account VanLeeuwen.

August 2009: August 8th : business card. Production (another 20) of Audio (2 CDs) Junction Road Band – Live at The Hague continued. August 26th : opened Paypal account VanLeeuwenMusic. August 29th : done with the production.

September 2009: Exploring today’s music equipment by using the Internet. Checking out the right instruments by using the Internet. Putting together an overview of theatres, bars, cafes, and other venues.

October 2009: October 9th, 10th, and 11th : Listened to 12.5 hours of recordings with records, Triffid tracks and solo recordings. October 17Th : opened up a Hyves account VanLeeuwenMusic.

November 2009: Solo concert: Impressions. Recorded live on October 7th, 1989, Toronto, Canada. Digitized on November 1st, (one re-mix on November 11th) 2009. Artwork November 3rd, 2009. Going over the theatres, bars, cafes, and other venues. Checking out possible rehearsal spaces.

December 2009: Going over the choice of instruments and equipment. Going over the theatres, bars, cafes, and other venues. Checking out possible rehearsal spaces.

January 2010: Going over the choice of instruments and equipment. Going over the theatres, bars, cafes, and other venues. Checking out possible rehearsal spaces. Opened up a Facebook account. Jos van Leeuwen VanLeeuwen VanLeeuwen Band

February 2010: Going over the choice of instruments and equipment. Going over the theatres, bars, cafes, and other venues. Opened up a WhoTune account (the first moves). Jos van Leeuwen Opened up a ReverbNation account (the first moves). VanLeeuwen

March 2010: Going over the choice of instruments and equipment. Going over the theatres, bars, cafes, and other venues. Working on the MySpace site.

April 2010: Looking for a rehearsal spot. Not as easy as in the old days anymore. Everybody has wisened up; they all want a lot of money.

May 2010: Decided that the level of musicianship I wanted to re-establish would take to many sacrefices. Sixty hours of working and travelling per week, plus composing, rehearsing, trying to get gigs, socializing, “putting your heart in it”, and having a busy family life, goes way beyond the number of hours a week has to offer; and I didn’t even mention the sleeping hours! So, for now, no live music by an own band, no touring,........ but making MP3s at home, and selling these through WhoTune.com, ReverbNation.com, and MySpace.com starting Aug / Sep 2010.

"The Missing Years" blog from WhoTune part 2.

January 2008: The Last Breath. Powerpoint. Part 1: The Early Years.

February 2008: The Early Years continued. Feb 18th: The Last Breath digitized. Powerpoint. Part 2: Junction Road Band.

March 2008: Junction Road Band continued.

April 2008: Stagnation (o.a. problems with computers).

May 2008: Junction Road Band continued. Powerpoint. Part 3: Cadiz; Powerpoint. Part 4: Xenomania.

June 2008: Final editing and artwork. Listening and viewing. Production (25) CD-Rom The Last Breath and DVD Live – The Hague 1984.

July 2008: Unexpected Expectations: CD I: Into the Unknown, CD II: Deeper into the Unknown, CD III: Cold Blow & Sophisticated Insanity. Artwork.

August 2008: Unexpected Expectations: CD I: Into the Unknown, CD II: Deeper into the Unknown, CD III: Cold Blow & Sophisticated Insanity. Recordings digitized. Production (25) CD I, II, and III.

September 2008: OU12CYIM2B4U: CD I: Junction Road Band – Studio recordings ’81 – ’83, CD II: Junction Road Band – Learning to Crawl, CD III: Junction Road Band – Standing Up, CD IV: Junction Road Band - Finding and Believing, CD V: Cadiz – Full Circle. Recordings digitized and artwork.

October 2008: OU12CYIM2B4U: artwork and listening.

November 2008: OU12CYIM2B4U: production.

December 2008: OU12CYIM2B4U: production (25). Pre-listening and artwork Xenomania – The Canadian Adventure.

January 2009: Recordings digitized Xenomania – The Canadian Adventure. Post listening, production.

February 2009: Xenomania – The Canadian Adventure. Production (25) continued.

March 2009: Assembled package of 2 CDs, 1 hour each (Set I and set II) for future band: VanLeeuwen. Production: 4 (1 for each future bandmember).

April 2009: Created 2 data DVDs with all files. Powerpoint files, Word files, Excel files, Nero files, Magix Music Cleaning Lab Deluxe 2007 music files, etcetera.

May 2009: Assembled CD: Illustrations (The Search). Special CD with o.a. tracks from The Last Breath & Cold Blow, Indicating what sound I was looking for, when it came to buying new equipment. So, a special CD for music stores. Pruduction: 2. Decided to put The Last Breath on CD, together with Cold Blow & The Chameleon (Xenomania). Titel: Synthesized Clarinet. Production: 1.

June2009: Assembled a CD with the best tracks of Junction Road Band, Cadiz, & Xenomania. Titel: At First Sight. Production: 1.

"The Missing Years" blog from Who Tune part 1.

Hi everyone! The last few months, people have been asking me about my undertakings, since "I came back" 3 years ago. Well, here it is!

1976 Home recordings (a.o. Focus): (Bodegraven) the beginning

1977 Snoopy and the Peanuts (Leiden, Bodegraven, Voorschoten) Walter Kuivenhoven: guitar Jimmy Meyer: bass Kaspar Engels: drums Jos van Leeuwen: clarinet

1977 (November) – 1978 (May) The Bankers (The Hague, Bodegraven) H.F. Verhoeven: guitar, bass, piano W. L. Kouwenberg: guitar, bass B.M. Beusker: guitar, drums Cris (without “h”) Nameless: guitar, keyboards Jos van Leeuwen: elec. clarinet

1978 (June – July) Project I (The Hague) Cris Nameless: guitar, keyboards Jos van Leeuwen: elec. clarinet

1978 (November) – 1979 (May) Triffid (Bodegraven, Alphen a.d.Rijn) Recorded on May 19th, 1979 by mobile studio in Bodegraven Hans van Diggelen: elec.piano, organ, guitar, lead vocal Peter de Jeu: rhythm guitar, backing vocal Frans van Nierop: drums Bert Nagel: bass, backing vocal Helmut Vleugels: saxophone Jos van Leeuwen: elec.clarinet, backing vocal Studio recordings: Holland (H. v. Diggelen / VanLeeuwen) Friend Sand (H. v. Diggelen / VanLeeuwen) Tell Me (H. v. Diggelen / VanLeeuwen) Travelling Love (H. v. Diggelen / VanLeeuwen) Spanish Fly (H. v. Diggelen / VanLeeuwen) Peggy’ s Reggae (H. v. Diggelen / VanLeeuwen) (and a lot more recordings (live)(a.o.Cast-Iron Idol, Babbling Blues, Mean Pitiful Girl, Triffid)

1979 (Month?) Madnaaz (Ede, Wageningen) (Project II)

1980 (September: beginning of home studio) (Project III) Recordings: 1980, at home Finch – As One (clarinet) (July 12th, 1980) Focus – Focus II (clarinet) (July 12th, 1980) Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here (flute, vocal) (July 12th, 1980) Jethro Tull – Bouree (flute) (July 13th, 1980) Trace – Final Trace (clarinet) (July 13th, 1980) Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux – There He Still Goes (flute, vocal) (July 13th, 1980) Yes – Yours Is No Disgrace (clarinet) (August 23rd, 1980) (and hours and hours of many others)

“I have decided to never digitize the home recording projects as well as Triffid tracks.” Amsterdam, November 2nd, 2009.

1981 – 2007 : See www.MySpace.com/491407345 www.WhoTune.com (search for Jos van Leeuwen) www.ReverbNation.com (search for VanLeeuwen)

More Blogs in between Comments.

Check all the nice comments, and you come across some more blog entries by VanLeeuwen. A sincere thank you for your nice reactions! Do have a look at the Pics and the Store! Listening to your music and getting back to you soon! CU.

50 tracks in the VanLeeuwen ReverbNation Store for downloading.

Hi everyone, Let me please give you an overview of the categories: Tracks 1 - 7 Xenomania / VanLeeuwen Band Tracks 8 - 30 Junction Road Band / Cadiz Tracks 31 - 39 Sessions and Soundscapes Tracks 40 - 50 Xenomania / VanLeeuwen Band Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to change the order of tracks in the ReverbNation Store. RN's partner Audiolife is working on it, ooh, not just for me, but for everybody!). So, the very last track might be the best...who knows. Thank you very much and enjoy! Stay tuned for more recordings in the Fall of 2011. Keep on playing and CU!!! Jos van Leeuwen.

VanLeeuwen  (over 3 years ago)

The ReverbNation Store is history. Check out the VL Store and VL Shop vids. Packages and/or single tracks? vanleeuwenmusic@live.nl Use PayPal please. Want to pay in a currency other than Eur? Please send an e-mail for the correct amount. Thank you.

My newest blog on MySpace.com/491407345

Hi everybody! I came back last Monday, November 29th; travelled a lot, and feeling somewhat exhausted, but not too tired to upload 7 Cadiz* tracks in my ReverbNation Store. (ReverbNation.com/VanLeeuwen). Uploaded next, will be 16 Junction Road Band* tracks, and 7 Xenomania/VanLeeuwen Band tracks. Once that will have been done, the total of tracks to buy in my ReverbNation Store will be 50. Possible proceeds of some indicated tracks will go to the Cancer Society. (For further details, see ReverbNation.com/VanLeeuwen) (* = will display co-composers involved; still looking for 2 co-composers (1 in North America, and 1 in Europe; they both seem to have vanished off the face of the earth) By the way, today I had a look at the New MySpace. Have to get used to it I guess. The new set up reminds me of a mixture of Facebook and ReverbNation. Keep on playing. CU! Jos VanLeeuwen