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They took their Lamps, but no Oil with Them!!!

Scripture Reference-Mathew 25:1-12 Oil=Holy Spirit Bridegroom=Jesus Lamps=Light, Gifts, Zeal Virgins=Church The people who are consistently used by GOD have a common nesecity. They need their oil refueled. In the parable of the ten virgins, the issue was not the lamp, it was the oil! The five foolish virgins had the same lamps as the five wise virgins. There are so many gifted people in the body of Christ. In the parable, everybody started out with the same thing. The same lamp. But what made the foolish virgins foolish as (according to Mathew 25:3) they took their lamps (gifts), but took no oil with them! The issue has never been people with no lamp. You can look up and see so many gifted, ineffective people. Why are they ineffective? The answer according to Mathew 25:3 is clear; they have no oil! It is the anointing that makes the difference. The anointing breaks chains and destroys yokes. So when we go minister to people we can't be foolish and just bring our lamps. If we desire to be effective and enduring in being utilized by GOD, we must constantly replenish our oil. The more oil you burn, the more you must replenish. The more you minister publicly, the more you must worship privately. If not, you will do dine for awhile, but eventually you will become ineffective and frustrated. I would get so invoked in the duty of ministering to people and think that I had this "worship thing" down, that I could afford to miss time with GOD. After all, I understood the concepts of worship. After awhile, I found myself burnt out. My lamp was not the issue, the issue was the oil. -Verse 5: "While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept." At this point, all en of the virgins were at the same place. Although the scriptures before had already labeled them wise and foolish because of their preparation, at this point they all enjoyed the same level of visible comfort. The wise and foolish were at the same position-sleep. By looking at the ten in verse five, you could not tell which group was which. Gospel music today is in a state of verse 5. You can't tell which is which. Some of the foolish virgins have platinum C.D.'s and some of the wise virgins can't get their foots in the door. One reason is we are a lamp society. We'll accept the gift and reject the anointing. Reason being, the gift does not lead us to change, the anointing does. But we are about to enter into a verse 6 season. -Verse 6:"At midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him." At midnight, (translated to be "middle of the night") a cry came forth when no one expected anything to happen. Rather, they expected something, but since so much time passed, they were caught off guard. When the virgins got the command to go meet Him, verse eight shows us that the foolish virgins, asked the wise virgins for some of what the wise virgins had. This moment seems erely parrell to the story of th rich man Dives and the poor man Lazuras. We have a critical obligation as ministers to not only ley our light so shine, but to also keep our lamps trimmed and burning. As you minister, do not be ignorant to the fact that your oil is depleting. If you don't replenish your oil in those private times, you will find yourself...Burnt Out!!!!!

I Hope My Life(not just my music) Pleases GOD

Reverbnation.....I finally made it. I'm Gerald Davis of Gerald Davis & UnScene. Just wanted to swing by and put it in the musical atmosphere to stay focus on what GOD called us to do. HE'S called us first to be witnesses and to compel men and women to the Gospel. I will freely admit that it gets hard to keep the ministry at the forefront of our agenda. We have to do the artist side of it, and most of us are doing the promotion side of it as well. It can be really draining and there are sometimes that, by the time we get to the place we want to go, we've forgotten why we started the journey in the first place! I have to become as a deadman to effectively do what GOD has for me to do. If I'm dead to the pleasures of the world, I will not be tempted to seek them. Every day I have to crucify my flesh, and RN, I'll admit I have lost sight of that lately. I need to be completely focus of the ministry of Christ and not the ministry of Gerald. I challenge us to really focus on gathering souls for our LORD, and I believe that all the other things will be added. If I don't have one fan, I hope my life pleases my KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!