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Everything is moving along nicely....have Yellow Brick Road almost remixed with Kevin on the skins....and man are they ever huge sounding. Kevin and I spent 50 hrs recording drum bed tracks for 5 songs....and this man can play. Tim Brink from Pete Moss has joined the project and this man can sing....My brother Peter came and did a photo shoot of the boys minus Kevin (yes we miss you Kevin and we hope London is treating you well)....all things are going well and I am sure that once the album is complete it will kick you ion the face. I am excited and very proud of the product coming out of here. And it could not have been done without the help of my friends and their generosity...since my budget is $0.00. So thank you to all of you who are involved and support this! As I always say..."Good Things Happen To Good People". Chyaaaaa!!!!


Funny how an artist writes from the heart...Every song comes from an experience of pain or pleasure...or happiness. So vulnerable and play from the heart....Rock'n'Roll is about all of us and what we are and who we want to be.....Nuff said....time to go write some more music!


You know all ya need is a Les Paul....A Marshall Stack and some attitude and you have a performance! Music comes from the soul! To be heard....How hard that really is isn't it! To be heard.....


Ya know...A man's wealth should not be measured by the thickness of his wallet, but by his ffriends and family...because I am so supported by those who love me!

Truly Blessed!

Ya know...I have been so fortunate to have met, worked for, and played with some of the most gifted musicians imaginable....Musicians truly are a different breed....sometimes difficult...but always sincere and to the heart...To everyone I have met and worked with...You are my inspiration!


I have posted 2 songs on my page here. It is the same song, one is before it has been mastered and the other is after it has been mastered. I want to show the difference it can make and how the dynamics make a huge difference and the over all sound. A good master has all of these attributes. It can literally make or break a song. Please listen and if you want mastering done you can go see "Mikeathome" and he will happily work with you and show your true potential with your original songs!

May Recording Session

May is showing promise for a big recording session with some amazing musicians. The two Germans will be driving the session and it shows excellent promise to turning out some awesome product...stay tuned


Things are going well...I think the tunes are turning out well and more tunes to come....I haVE A BIG SESSION PLANNED FOR mAY TIME-FRAME WHICH SHOULD BRING OUT A LOT OF COOL STUFF!!!! Ooooops Cap Lock....Leave me some feedback will ya!