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SO Much Gratitude!

Feeling lots of gratitude with our new material and also new players. We are very blessed to have some incredible talent involved in this project which has been deep routed up here and south of the border and over the pond. I know there are so many belivers in this project and I am so excited to begin recording sessions in May to bring this to life. Robert Mitchell has been working on our new matrerial in Toronto as I speak and this kat has lungs....I have been a fan and a friend for many years and he is dear to me and We are excited to hear his flavour on our new tracks....And let us not forget that Jaime Constant (I loved mixing this kat live....the groove....in the pocket.....and yes.....consistent...and way cool to watch play. Earl! You are the man! And wait until you hear what Chay has done on his bass tracks....man can this kat play....and there are more surprises in store....but the cuts we release this summer will be very cool and yes.....kickin' ass! More to come!

Music Therapy

Well here we are....The guys that make this all work are amazing. Hardships and happiness make the songs what they are. Each song is a story and a reflection of a time in our lives. Each person involved in this project adds a spice, and their signature. This is what makes it special, unique, and very "Us".If one of those spices are not present, it just does not sound the same. Music is our therapy. It is what helps us go to another zone perse. It's about hearing the passion and hearing the emotion of each phrase. If you feel it, you will hear it! And if it comes together, the listener gets what you are feeling. They will interpret it and make their own story. That is what makes music so magical. It is our creative plain. It is what defines us. True collaboration makes this a reality. It is not easy to work and have chemistry with other musicians to define your unique sound. Music is life and it doesn't hurt if it makes your bum wiggle just a wee bit! The guys I work with are the coolest most talented kats this side of Canada. Blessed...You bet! My musical journey has saved my soul and got me thru some of the toughest times....My medicine. And a big thank you to Chay and Tony for opening their musical souls and making this project very special! My brothers and musical soul mates!

So Blessed!

Man I can't say enough about the folks I work with in this crew. Simply said top notch, professional all the way. Chayman plays the bass like a spider, Tony simply feels all the songs into a seperate sculpture, which in turn simply give it a real County Spice! Leads are shated between Luc Parent, who such an amazing and accomplished artist....and he also guards our country. And oh yeah that Chay guy.....This kay is the freakiest, real, machine-like, (with feel) guy I know. Wow this kat can play. His past ventures are intruiging to all and being in the biz and touring the globe has taught him a lot....Love ya brother! And let us not forget Mr Demon Speed, Dave Riddell. This guy is Yndwie Malmsteinnin Trenton. We love him and he digs us....and the project moves forward. And there is me.......The guy that simply wants to make cool music and leave a legacy at its humblest with some of the most amazing talent I have ever worked with...Cheers to you all! What we create becomes us.....and it is .030 Over!!! Oh yeah and lest we forget Tony Forbes who is my soul brother and an incredible man. His lyrics and soul give our sound a new dimension. Our songs express us and all of us equally......We are .030 Pver!

Where do I go from here part II

I wouldn't say I'm a religious man, but I would say I am a spiritual man. When I die, I don't think the church will be full, but I do think that anybody that really mattered will be there. When my father passed away, we had a big service for him in our church which is really large.....there were people standing outside because there was no room for everybody. He was incredible and he taught me well. I truly adored him and I miss him so much. He was my mentor and my best friend. I could count on him,,,,when he died, I walked alone.....and it has been lonely without him. My heart slowly bleeds and bleeds. My relationships have been many and too many for any one man. I have hurt and I have been hurt. When I am gone, nobody will really know about me, nor will most care.....and I'm ok with that. I just want one little boy to know how much I loved him and how much I really did care. Tears run down my eyes as I write this. I've always found it easier to write my feelings out and let it flow. Amazing how the love from one little person can affect a grown man but it does. And I believe I have a woman that truly loves me, but the past haunts me in such a way that I question in bewilderment how a woman can love such a fragile broken human such as I. We musicians are all fragile people, and we just want to make the world smile. Sounds easy but it is not. So what do you do.....which path do you take? What is the answer? Some people around you are artificial and want to be your friend for self-serving reasons....and others are sincere. The problem is that some of those "good" people get hurt in the process. Unfair...Yes! But as I have found out, life isn't fair and I believe my mother when she says this hell....this is the test.....and unfortunately I failed. Ya know when I toured the globe and worked for some of the best bands on this planet, I was happy....I had purpose! Purpose! What is my purpose now? I don't know, and I spend many hours trying to figure that out. All I wanted was the love of one woman, a white picket fence, love, and an incredible life. I believed that if you worked hard at it, that it would happen. The hard work happened, but not the end result. Some would say that I was successful and I did a lot. Some would say I gave up. And parts of all of that are true. I simply want my son to be proud of his father and say "That was my old man!" and say it with pride. Anybody who truly knows me knows how my friends and family mean the world to me. I need them, I love them, and I am always there for them. I hate letting people down and I never want to be a disappointment. Know that I have tried.....I did fight.....the losses in my life have been devasting to myself and my family. All I ever wanted was to be happy, a simple statement but a powerful one. Know that my friends are my strength, my passion. So when I am forgotten and this does happen.....It was all for boy! Whom I wish all the best and I know he will make a difference on this planet....some how, some way. I love you and you will always be in my heart. I'm sorry for my shortcomings and I am sorry for any pain I caused. Love is happiness and sadness all rolled in one. The rats will always jump ship....but the band stays and plays on! I love you all and you all know who you are! Don't be angry with me, don't pity me, embrace me and love me for who I am. I'll always give you my shirt! God Bless! The world is a tough place!

Where to go from here

Some of the most successful musicians were riddled with pain.....not physical pain, but mental pain. From that came some of the most incredible music in the world. Unfortunately it also killed them and usually at a young age. Some may say they brought onto themselves, I disagree. As I have grown older I really relate to some of the powerful lyrics some of these greats have written.....and they do strike your heart. I am at a crossroads in my life and I really don't know where to go. Haven't met a devil or even a character resembling a devil, even metaphorically. I'm a guy who has worked hard his whole life. Music was and has been my refuge from the pain I have incurred over the years. I've written music that I am very proud of, and I have written the music from my heart and soul. It's really hard being naked in front of people when you play them a song that bears this in mind. Where do I go from here. Outside forces interject and really screw things up more than helping. This is what I struggle with. I always want to do one thing....."The right thing", whatever that may be. Sometimes it is good enough and sometimes not. I guess I am a complex human being and my demons come and haunt me from time to time. This in turn has created devastating effects on my life. To be simple I simply wanted to write an album and to be honest I write for my son whom I love and cherish dearly. He is my life and my inspiration. I know most people never read anything on my blogs so it is pretty safe for me to express myself. I am human like everybody else. I am far from perfect and I do have regrets. Life doesn't have to be complicated, but it is. I'm the guy that always helps and gives.....If you needed my shirt I would give it to you. I'll put a dime in a bum's coffee cop that's begging on the local street corner. And I know that there is always somebody else in worse shape than me. My pain is exhausting and cruel within myself. So which road do I take.....I'm lost, nobody is around and I have to make a decision....What do I do?

Well Well!

Ya know...Karma is something I believe in. I want to talk about seed planters and the damage they can do in your life. These are people that meddle in others lives by simply planting a seed of doubt or whatever they want you to believe. Incredibly this type of warfare works. They walk away and watch from the distance. Even when you know it is bogus.....it still works. It would be nice if people just worked on themselves vs. buggering other people's lives up. And yes this happened to me recently. I did not do a thing and now my life is turned upside down while the seed planter is fine. And it screws up my creativity and everything else. My life currently sucks at the moment....ruining my relationship like a cancer and watching what I still do have wittle away to nothing. What I do know is this. Whatever you put out there comes back at you 3 fold...Good or Bad! My defense is Karma...Wait and see. Bad things happen to bad people and good things happen to good people. The energy this is sucking from me is exhausting. So Seedplanters of the world...remember that you can not hide from Karma....gonna get you!


Lots of creativity happening here....My mind is just full of riffs and doing my best to put it all together. Life is ever changing and so is music. The new stuff is sounding amazing and can't wait to have it all done and put up on the board. The bass work is sounding so killer...Dan really nails it to the gun on the new stuff....Wait....It is all coming really soon!! God Bless!!!


Well I must say music is amazing.....strange things occur. It can actually be life changing...really quite powerful. I recently wrote a song called "GoGo Dancer". This song actaully changed my life in a very positive uplifting way. I called up a female friend of mine that I knew for years....and when I wrote the song I wanted a female voiceover in the song...I always envisioned this....So, Hey I said....I think Liz could be perfect for this...so we chatted and met to talk the concept and to get her to get a feel for the song...and then I met "Her"....This wonderful friend of hers made me laugh like I hadn't laughed in a long time....So then we made plans for the voice-over session down in the studio....All was set and and a date was set.....Liz asked if Martina could come along for the session and have fun. This we had and unfortunately Liz had vocal issues that day and so Martina stepped in and said she would fill in and give it a try....but only if she could say her parts in French. So away we went and we did her parts (which by the way she nailed it!!!!). She was amazing and she was incredibly fun to record with....And then we later did the shout parts at thhe last part of the song which was awesome. So from this song I met the incredibly beautful and exciting "Martina". This woman has won my heart, and adores me. I feel very mutual with her as well...This woman supports me....and puts up with me....never complains....always loving in a way that is an experience within itself. Basically, she is incredible and has stolen my heart.......So in short....Music can be life changing and in good ways....so Rock'n'Roll is cool.......Chyaaaaaaa!!!!! And yes I love her!


Well finished up GoGo Dancer over the holidays and Ièm really happy with it. The playing was awesome and Luc Parent is truly a gifted player. A big thanks to Chris Mason for coming to my cry for help and he sang the song...and a mighty good job at that. Martina looks awesome in the picès and she did a great job on the voice over. Liz was awesome in helping pick out some great words in the lyrics...So whatès next...We will have to see but I have a few ideas up my sleeve...It just keeps getting better and better.

GoGo Dancer

Well for a song that was written in the wee hrs of the morning....GoGo Dancer is really impressing me. We got the best drum sounds to date on this song. Kevin just kills the double kicks,,,,They sound like a freight train comin' at ya! Just did some Lead tracks with Luc on the weekend and man that guy can play....The dive bombs are just killer.....Martina's voiceover is all too sexy. Dan kills the bass.....He is really digging that "Lemmy" sound and it makes a difference on the recording....It's all coming together nicely...Today I do my Lead and I think a little wah is in order....slow and sexy!!! Yeah baby!....Totally cool man!!! I am blessed!