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The Erie Canal

Shot like a bullet through the ice-cold heart of the western frontier. Legendary source of riches, path to freedom, escape hatch for every misanthropic, cutthroat, unable to maintain in civil society. Road to the city. Road away from the city. River of hope, highway to hell. Water from the deadly North Atlantic mixes with the Great lakes and gives a man on the run a motherfucker of a head start to the void of the great plains, and anonymity never seen since. That path to oblivion may no longer exist as an escape hatch, but their descendants stayed and found ways to escape without even leaving the region.

Crumbling infrastructure echoes a glorious, boomtown past. Whiskey, piles of beaver pelts, farm hands and millwrights on their way to the war of southern aggression. When the great paved way replaced the water road west, the canal stands as silent witness. Backdrops of poverty and dilapidated, depression ridden, towns serve as a taunting reminder of what it feels like to be raped and left to die.The inhabitants rattle from hope to desperation in a deadly hoedown of addictive doom. Drink,fuck,fight,dream. Grab your partner, choke her out. But not until she gets you through tonight, and maybe shows you the road west. Buffalo maybe? Hang on to what you can…fuck the rest.

The Loomis Gang

Digging into some Mohawk Valley history: Check out the Loomis Gang. The Loomis Family was regarded as one of the largest organized crime syndicates in their time. They ruled the region for most of the 1800's. Down in the 9 Mile Swamp area near Waterville. This story would make a great HBO series! Kinda like that show Deadwood. Hey! HBO, get on that will ya? Rustbelt will be happy to do the music...for a small fee, of course.

Get on it!!!

Almost done woodsheddin this. We are comin soon. Couple more things to get in place and we're going to be unleashed!!

Worst wreck I ever seen...

Worse than 309, worse than rt. 14. Tryin to get these damn vox done.. ha! ain't never gonna make it on idol I'm afraid. Hopefully enough sumbitches will rubberneck this shit. Tell 'em Large Marge sent ya!! ...over...