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As I have journeyed the landscape of Christianity, I have come to see how much it has become a bothersome issue of self professed Christians, that speak of their love of those within The Faith, but show no interest in the furthering of GOD's Kingdom Agenda. As you might ask yourself this question: "What does it mean to have proper Christian Love", I encourage you to stand together and do the one thing that is truly important. "Love your Brother Of Faith, as Christ So Loved You." Why shouldn't it be important to remember these words. In this day and age of what I deem, "The Clique Mentality", what will it profit us if you only love those that love us? Nothing that will help us to grow and prosper within The Body Of Christ. As I further walk with GOD, I pray that I'll be a transparent vessel for HIS Glory, and to continue to break the barriers that plague us to this very day within the church. I pray that I don't stand alone in this, for I know that GOD has a true divine plan for us all. Jesus Christ Is The Truth, The Way, And The Light. NO Man can come unto The Father, But through HIM. I will do everything within me to address these issues and be the voice of those that want to speak, but are either afraid to, or shy away from speaking. May GOD continue to bless us all, and may we never let go of HIS word. N.O.T.E.(Not Of This Earth)

In Service!

Follow me on my daily journey to bring the gospel to those in need. Also get the latest updates during the last leg of The No Gimmicks Campus Crusade Tour. Follow me at twitter.com/NOTE777. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


Follow me on twitter.com/NOTE777, as I gear up for the new year and the upcoming ministry in Japan! Seasons Greetings GOD Bless YOU All

No Gimmicks Campus Crusade Tour!

C.D.W. Artist N.O.T.E.(Not Of This Earth) hits the road with his "The Campus Crusade" tour. N.O.T.E. is hitting the Christian College campuses in collaboration with campus ministries to bring those that are falling away from The Body Of Christ, back to the true purpose that has been a major calling in their lives.With the successful release of his debut CD: "No Gimmicks-Lyrical Sermons", N.O.T.E. has continued to be the servant that GOD has called on him to be. This is a can't miss chance to be involved with live urban ministry, and witness the effectiveness of the Gospel!

No Gimmicks Pre-Release Concert!!!!!!!

This is the moment that you've all been waiting for!!!!!!! The CD Release Of The Year: "No Gimmicks"-Lyrical Sermons! This is STL Christian Hip-Hop at it's best! Get your praise on with performances by Rio AKA KuntryBoy, Point 5, STLien, Scooda, New City, Appearances By C.D.W. Artists:Cherie Whitt & Kenneth Kibby, The T.D.W. Music Ministry Family, and Artist Of The Night: N.O.T.E.(Not Of This Earth) Performing Live!!!!!!! Comeout and support The Lou's very own N.O.T.E. and his special guests during this momentous event. Doors open @ 6 p.m. Show starts at 6:30 p.m. Admission For This Event Is Free. You can also purchase the CD's from all the artists performing at the event. We look forward to seeing you all there Praising GOD!

Project Safe Streets

Project Safe Streets is a charitable foundation movement that donates much needed funding to church ministries, that are lacking the proper funding to continue their efforts in spreading the gospel to those in need. It consists of helping youth ministries that cannot continue to expand their programs, outreach ministry... groups that help to deliver meals to the homeless, and elderly, & those organizations that distribute literature. This idea came from GOD. It is a great way to help those that have been lost back to the world, have fallen out of place with their faith, youth whom have strayed away, and those that are seeking Christ.For More info on how you can help bring this dynamic movement to your church and community, or to make a donation to this email us @ truedivineword@yahoo.com. Our visit my home page