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MarilynMusic Releases Hip Hop-Dance Single & Video "IMA B A CELEBRITY"

Songwriting, production and publishing company MarilynMusic announced the release of their latest single "IMA B A CELEBRITY" on iTunes and Amazon, as well as video release on YouTube. The song and video feature the vocal talents of Wallace Gary, who has worked with such esteemed artists as Ashford & Simpson and Chaka Khan. Gary is also the vocalist on other upcoming MarilynMusic tracks, including "Jump" and "Calling All Girls". An homage to the Black Eyed Peas, the song spoofs the lavish lifestyle of a hip hop celebrity. With an incredible pop/dance hook, this is a song that will be thumping in the clubs for years to come. MarilynMusic has an incredibly vast range of musical ability, and on this track, they aptly mix blends of hip-hop and dance with a pure understanding of what a pop fusion classic sounds like. Vocalist Wallace Gary does an amazing job on this track as he shifts between the smooth pop chorus to a rap style that leads this song into swift build-ups and breakdowns. With a strong beat, the synth's and drum tracks have an uplifting and energizing feel that will bring you to your feet. MarilynMusic founders Michael Gaines and Casey Conrad met Wallace at New York's Sugar Bar. Wallace, who has done backup for Ashford & Simpson, Chaka Khan, and others, was performing that night... and the rest is musical history. Proud of their new video, Gaines stated, "Wallace is a very visual guy with respect to fashion and entertainment, and his persona stands on its own. The video reflects that as well as the message of the song." "IMA B A CELEBRITY" is available for purchase at iTunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ima-b-a-celebrity-feat-wallace/id429255018 and at Amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/Ima-Celebrity-feat-Wallace-Gary/dp/B004UCMAJS/ The video can be viewed on the MusicDishTV YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqLL9O4PRYk&NR=1 http://www.facebook.com/hearmarilynmusic http://www.reverbnation.com/marilynmusic http://www.twitter.com/marilynmusicnow http://www.marilynmusic.net

MarilynMusic's Pop-Rock Single Longs To "Carry Me Home"

Songwriting team MarilynMusic has released another new single from their expanding collection. "Carry Me Home" features singer/songwriter Luther Russell who has had several successful solo records, and also previously formed and headed the band The Freewheelers. The track is available now on iTunes and shortly on Napster, Amazon, eMusic and other major online retailers.

"Carry Me Home" by MarilynMusic on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/carry-me-home-single/id407822993

"Carry Me Home" is a mellow introspective song set to a mid tempo beat with a rock, pop influence. The guitar weighs in heavily on this track, and does it well. "Carry Me Home" creates a feeling of nostalgia and also hopefulness from the point of view of a contemplative man who is yearning for a much happier time in his life. The lyrics provide a visual of a man who is staring at his reflection while on a subway train; he compares a vision of himself presently to someone from his past, who he is obviously longing for dearly. The composers do a great job of taking the audience from the gaze of this hurting man to a time in his past, full of memorable moments shared with someone he probably still loves. The acoustic driven, mid tempo and well-arranged instrumentals take you to the mood of the song immediately even before any vocals are heard. MarilynMusic, known for the emotionality of their songs, once again comes through for their fans delivering heartfelt and thought-provoking music.

You can also listen to and read more about and follow MarilynMusic at: http://www.marilynmusic.net http://www.reverbnation.com/marilynmusic http://www.myspace.com/hearmarilynmusic http://www.facebook.com/hearmarilynmusic

MarilynMusic At The The Vertical Room

MarilynMusic has been busy at its NYC studio 'The Vertical Room' working on new tracks to add to its catalogue, including three new songs with Phil Hamilton, longtime guitarist for R&B and soul legend Luther Vandross. The world class guitarist lent his chops to "Gotta Find A Way," a blues rock song a la Nickleback, "Some Girls," and reggae/dance pop track "Say The Word." The songs will be available on MarilynMusic's soon to be launched website this summer.

Having recently mixed the song titled "I'm A B A Celebrity," Casey Conrad got together with featured up-and-coming Hip-Hop and R&B musician Devyn Of D. Magic and singer/songwriter Autumn Rowe to strategise and coordinate the hot new single's release. Autumn recently collaborated with hit producers Stargate (Rihanna "Rude Boy", Beyonce "Irreplaceable") on the single "Happiness" for Jay-Z's newest artist Alexis Jordan on his label, Star Roc/Roc Nation/Sony.

Casey has also been writing songs with singer-songwriter Joanne Perica for Pop singer Daniella's debut solo album. Billboard-charting artist from the girl group Harlow, Joanne has written songs with some of the top writers in the business, including Michael Bolton, Toby Gad, Anjulie, Serabee and Andy Goldmark.

More music coming all the time.

We have alot more music to share and are busy writing and recording new tunes at Casey's studio in New York City. It's a blast to make music!

Our Debut Album Release!

Dear Fans of MarilynMusic,

We are excited to announce the release of our first EP, "Pure Rock." It begins our Pure Music series of genre based CD's which will be released and available every couple of months.

You can pick it up at ITunes, Napster, Amazon or your favorite music purchasing site.

Thanks very much for your continuing support!

Casey Conrad, and Michael Gaines MarilynMusic


Inside MarilynMusic: Meet Michael Gaines

Michael Gaines' entire family, it seems, is or was involved in the music industry in one way or another. Gaines had two very successful song writing uncles, and a grandfather who owned one of the first recording studios in New York City. His mother was a New York session singer and contractor for over 30 years. She was Burt Bacharach's vocal director for many years, singing on all of his major recordings. Over the course of his life, he has participated in practically every conceivable part of the entertainment industry and he started early. He began studying dance at age five, performed at age seven at the Carnegie Recital Hall, and attended the American School of Ballet, appearing as the prince in the NYC Ballet production of the Nutcracker at twelve. He also performed in numerous television commercials, shows and voiceovers. Gaines' earliest memory of performing in a TV commercial was the first Kit Kat commercial ever aired. He was seven. He also modeled for various magazines including Harper’s Bazaar.

"I guess I've been in show business since before I was born," said Gaines. "I literally grew up in the many recording and television studios of New York mostly waiting for my mother or often working myself. My father also had an extensive career as a producer/actor/writer."

Gaines went on to study music through high school, then at North Texas State and later the Manhattan School of Music in 1973 and 1974. After school, he followed his family to LA to try his hand in the film industry. He began as a production assistant at Chartoff / Winkler Films and worked on movies like Raging Bull, Rocky 2 and The Right Stuff. Gaines moved up in the ranks, securing a position as story editor for Koch/Kirkwood Productions working on "The Pope of Greenwich Village" and eventually began writing and selling his own film and TV projects to studios like Fox, Paramount and Warner Bros. Gaines recently co-produced the film "Wednesday Again" and is an Executive Producer of a pilot currently being set up both on the internet, and cable television. He also plans to produce the film “The Auctioneer” soon.

During his career, Gaines has worked with legendary stars like Merv Griffin, Juliet Prowse, George Balanchine, Robert Deniro, Mickey Rourke and many others. But despite his success in film and television, music was always his first calling. He became very close to his stepfather (his mother's second husband,) songwriter/producer Bob Wells, who taught him about music publishing. When Wells became ill, he entrusted his extensive, very successful catalog to Gaines and left the catalog to the Gaines family when he passed away in 1999, which allowed him to pursue a career writing music.

Addressing where his inspiration comes from, he says, “I had a teacher who was a great influence on me who said that if you wait for inspiration when writing or creating anything, you might wait a very long time. He said one must sit down and do the work. I heard that Woody Allen starts writing at six o’clock in the morning and sits there until at least ten even if nothing comes out. I'm a musician, I’m not up at six a.m., but I understand the commitment. I feel that talking about the creative process or trying to capture it in words is a waste of time because it’s so intangible to begin with. But I will say that New York City is a place that's inspirational to me. There are more interesting things and people on one block in New York City than in a ten mile radius anywhere else.”