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Almost 3 years & 200 shows!

If someone would have told me 5 years ago that I would have played 200 shows since 12/31/09 I would have never believed them...But thanks to my fans, the venues I play at & my family it is true! Let's hope for another 200 shows! Thank You!!!

One Year "On the Road"

What a 1st year its been!! First off my thanks to everyone who has supported The Gabe Traynor Band & thanks to Jesse Campbell & Dennis Palm. By the end of this year I will have performed at over 40 shows & I have had a blast at everyone of them! Can't wait for year 2...keep an ear out for a bunch of new songs from The GTB & check out my acoustic tribute to Dave Matthews "Step Into the Light". Thanks again & hope to see you at the next show!!

First Six Months

What can I say...The Gabe Traynor Band is really taking off!! I wanted to thank everyone who has come seen us live & personally thank the local venues that have given us a chance; Flanagans Pub, Adamstown Transfer Co., Zia Marias, K-Ville Hotel & Reinholds Inn. If you haven't checked us out be sure to do so!! Thanks, The GTB