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Texas is the best place to play!!

Doesn't matter what anyone thinks. evrytime we go to Texas, Everything is better, the food, the bar owners,(cept the frisco) the sound systems.. man these folks at Hoot's in Amarillo were so nice to us , I thought geez how can it get better than this?? Then we went to the Cottonboll, and found out!! The rip down Jerrod Sutton of Fat Dixie fame, road with us, and learned all about the comforts of the shorty... Jerrod went way out of his way to let us in on this run, and during and after he kept helping us, with phone calls e-mails, and accolades... nicest dude on earth.. he told me he'd let me drum on his solo record a bit!! Guy didn't have to do any of this stuff, but he did.. Thank you pal! Fat Dixie is parting ways next week , but Bake and Sutton will still be doin the deal, so go liten to em!! Here;s the story on the weekend.. At Hoot's the owner, waitstaff, bartenders, soundman, treated us like Kings, and actually thanked us for playing original music!! gave us more money than we expected, and t-shirts to boot. turned us on to the hottest Breakfast burrito's known to man, and got us Drunk!! Moving on down the road.. We pulled into Veronon, checked into seedy hotel, Smelled like moth balls... Loaded into the club,, used my new Drums, that was nice being that the openers usually play the headliners kit.. Jeremy wanted to play mine,, actujlly he was sick and probly just didn't want to set his up, anyway we used mine. went back to the hotel, to meet our new freind Mongoose!!! fun Dude!! used to be with Texas Jack.. The place was Rockin that night, and after the show they fed us all AWESOME PORKROAST!!!! First for me,, being fed by the club AFTER the show.. They went on, and on, about how much they liked us, and our show.. hard to beleive.. we were all sooooooo tired ffrom friday nights fun!!! had some entertainment at a house party after that.. but it got old fast,, as they always do.. and we crashed.. rolled out early for home as Tiger had family stuff, and needed to get to the house.. we all grumble about leaving early,, but arew glad when we get home early!! lOTS GOING ON THIS WEEK WITH lfs!! stay tuned till next week ... The rev...

Back @ the Pokey

Apparently this nis becoming my new lunch spot.. Going full on with the gator tail, and bud light today.. seems to me the more I work,, the less I want to. When I retire, I'm going to be a mess.. just sayin.. Have alot going on this week. going to see Bake, and Sutton tonight,, they bring the Fat Dixie acoustic show to willies tonight. gonna pre-game @ my shop. Then we leave for amarillo, to start off our weekend run.. Hope to see some of you guys out there. Marty is driving the Short Bus,, so I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of road stories... For now,, peace out, The rev

Gator Tail!

Just went to lunch @ the Smokey Pokey.. Nice folks.. Hope this place makes it.. It is starting to grow on me. Just tried the Gator Tail,, and , My goodness it's tasty! I am at the bar here trying to convince strangers to ntry it.. Give the pokey a chance,, they are getting it together!! BTW the sex panther Trio will be playing @ the Pokey on the 18 of march, come out and support local artist, and local Eateries!! The Rev!

the new MMB record

Just got a copy of the new Mike Mcclure band cd,, kinda hard to fall all the way into it at work,, I need my ipod.. His stuff is increasingly more unique to his personality.. he may disagree, but thats fine,, just an opinion.. I assure you there is no bigger fan of his work than me.. I am gonna root myself down in it, and give it the time it needs to burrow under my skin.. fucker.. I should probly book some studio time, just to immerse myself in the weird... I sure like that basement... The rev..

monday @ the compound

Sitting at my desk here in the compound today. wondering what the hell to do.. coffee really isn't working. Spoke to Pappa K earlier, just to refresh my memories of the weekend.. short term is running pretty short these days.. Made all the obligatory remarks, about thes sound the crowd the silliness, of the past run.. moving on through this next one.. Fat Dixie is letting us come out with them this weekend. cool guys,, new record out called Speakeasy.. Mcclure did it for em,, frankly I like it more everyrtime I here it,, It has been my practice disc for awhile.. I guess if their drummer breaks an arm,, I can handle it.;) looking for gigs today.. always a lame job.. you npeople try to get through it today!! course, whats the other option.... The rev


Another run, in another town.. had a semi there crowwd. In and out.. guess they liked us.. had a couple sound issues, after that it was pretty fun. made dusty play a song he didn't know.. pissed him off pretty good. ha, man I really thought he kew it.. Esqalito, man he drove the bus home safe.. when it's chris, Erok, and steven, alone, no supervision,, well you never know.. Hope to give Majors another shot,, and lookin forward to hitting the road with good friends, Fat Dixie. Heade to Hoot's in Amarillo, and The Cottonbol,in vernon... check, check, check it out!!! The rev..

Give it a shot

First Blog here,, think I like it. The Rev..