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Add Back, Like 4 Like and all that jazz!

We try our best to add back anyone who has 'Liked', 'fanned' call it what you will. But give us a chance, we're all in full time work and music is very part time, so we manage to get online here every two or three days, but we do get there, eventually - so don't panic!!! :)

Too Many Internet Music Platforms?

Well, if you are working online for the big breakthrough, Good Luck and our best wishes to you! Is it as ‘easy’ as it used to be when there was only Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, and Twitter, to connect with ‘Fans’ (I write that with an ironic smile). On top of this there are the dedicated music platforms: Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Starnow, Emeraz, plus hundreds of others that claim they can deliver this, that and the other. Not to mention the ‘radio’ outlets, Pandora, LastFM, etc. It’s a full time job now, maybe it always was – but enough is enough, following the new fangled changes to Myspace (which we have to relearn again, no thank you). They have finally killed the fun and enthusiasm with their flash and dash layout, which closely resembles Google+ (another one we have yet to learn!) We all have full time jobs, so we are retreating to Reverbnation, Facebook and Twitter where we can control our online time and still interact with the real world!

200,000 Song Plays!

Wow! That may not be many plays for a lot of the BIG names out there, but for a part time, party fun time outfit like us, that's an amazing number of plays! It is in some ways very humbling that our music has reached so many people around the world. Thank you Reverbnation for the platform to share our music and of course its a big thank you to those of your reading this and playing our songs. We have e-met some wonderful like minded musicians here, from around the world and also listened to their music too. We don't sell our songs as you may have noticed, but this weekend we will be giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of our most 'Liked' song on here.

Thank you for your plays and support, keep on rocking! All the best, Sandra, John and Richard x


What the hell are they playing at with this 'new' myspace? All that work over two years to develop over 25,000 fans and at a time when its operation was so slow its easier to pull teeth! All those wasted hours! Now I have the NEW version and have to start all over again. I did start to wonder why we were losing 'friends' hand over fist. All I can say is, start again? that won't happen. -sigh-

Ticking over here

Nothing much new is happening right now although we are still working our way through some musical projects, but they're taking time. Work and real life make it a bit harder to get together in the studio now, so hopefully some new material will be uploaded sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed :)

Its not ‘Goodbye’ my friends, more like an ‘Adieu’.

Things change as they often do and you may have noticed that even though we are creating new music as we go, I have not been online as much as previously. The main reason is that I’ve just finished my Masters degree and I now have several offers to consider before I pursue a career in animal care and conservation. This is the culmination of an ambition that I have nurtured since a young age. It was either animal care or horses, modelling or music! Well, to be fair, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in both modelling and music but this next step is the big one for me and I intend to chase the dream! I’ve been putting off this decision for several months now, as some of you will know, but I feel that my complacency in reaching a final decision has not been fair to the others involved with Solar-Isis and I hope that they can now refocus and chase their own dreams too! So sadly, I will be leaving Solar-Isis in the next couple of months and firstly, I would like to thank you all for your support during my time working our profile on Reverbnation. I have really appreciated my time here and your supportive comments have always given me lots of joy and happiness. I will be remotely involved with the guys via the internet. But, I won’t be able to provide vocals or that little bit of creative input from time to time, (or make the tea for those long studio sessions, lol) However, this is not the end of the group as we are still searching for a special singer to expand on what we have achieved so far. AND there is still more work we want to complete before I leave. Of course, I have an idea on who I would like to see join us and if we can make those changes, then you will seriously not be disappointed! Believe me! I wish the best of success to all of you who have supported us so far! And I dearly hope that you continue to do so when our new singer is announced shortly. So, this is not ‘Goodbye’ my friends, this is just ‘Adieu’. I will be checking back from time to time as circumstances allow. Sandra x

Time Out - Back sooner than you know it! (we hope)

I've been looking after our online profiles since last summer but real life has now caught up with me as well. I am in the last few months of a degree course and its proving to be pretty intensive right now. So I won't be back to help out for another couple of months. The guys are busy with other music projects and are still trying to find more venues for our summer holiday, erm, tour. Yes, Summer Tour! Slip of the tongue/pen, whatever lol. If we manage to grab the chance to get together and create new sounds before the summer, you will always be the first to hear. Thank you again for all your support and catch up with you all soon. Sandra x

Our Christmas and New Year Gift to you!

As we’re approaching Christmas we realise that we haven’t given away any free downloads for a couple of months. So that has to change NOW! We’ve had some great support since we arrived on Reverbnation back in February this year and we thank all of you that have visited, played our music and become fans. It is really sooo appreciated! With over 42,000 visits and 20,000 plays, we are thrilled to see so much interest in our electronic music. Our plays have been through the roof recently and thanks to the super Reverb Control Room, we can see which of you are playing our songs to excess! Again, thank you. We are going to give two (yes, 2) downloads to our top 5 listeners on the 16th and again on the 30th December. We will contact the top 5 by 2200 hrs GMT on the 16th and ask you to email and tell us which of our two songs (mp3) you want. We will do the same again on the 30th December. After the 30th, the top two songs selected by our top 5 will be available as an exclusive download for three days. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all you and thank you very much for your kind support and amazing comments throughout the past year! Sandra, John & Richard x


Summer seems so long ago now and from this year we have more work to do than ever. It seems like we have very little time in which to do all we have set out to achieve. But we will ponder that little conundrum later. I've been trying to write to everybody that joins our page, but I'm worried about falling behind with uni work that is very important right now (Its my last year and not everybody passes this course). Bear with me, I do manage to catch up a bit at weekends. Our manager advised me to take down my profile picture to slow our hits down. Subtle comment from John as usual. lol Best wishes to everybody at Reverbnation, our existing friends of course, and to those we will find or those that may find us. Its great to exchange messages with many of you doing your own thing and sharing some great positive energy with you. May your future always be bright! Sandra x

Our Solar Update

Every other year, we've been chilled out on the beach with a nice long drink. This time we end up in a studio every few days trying to get some new sounds together with vocals. While the boys get bogged down with the technical production side, it has given me a chance to work our reverb profile and wow! Some great artists have been joining our page and we are e-meeting new friends and contacts all the time. So this update is really all about you guys out there; your music, your message of peace, justice, enjoying life and living for music - Wow! What a better world that would be! Sandra x