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Photos from Bloc 11 gig

I posted some photos from my gig at Bloc 11 last week. I'm still learning how to do this stuff -- work my new camera, edit, crop, upload, etc. But it's all good. Thanks to Emily Sper for taking some great shots!

New song posted: "Walking the Right Way"

Yesterday was a big day for me musically. About an hour before leaving for my gig at Bloc 11, I posted my second song, "Walking the Right Way". Like the first one, this is a demo, something quickly recording at home, not a final recording. Just about every aspect of it could and will be improved upon for the final recording. But I still think it's pretty good for what it is, will give a good idea of the song, and will hold me and my fans over until I make a better recording for my CD.

Good gig at Bloc 11

The gig at Bloc 11 was fun and awesome. I had a good number of friend and supporter come out, and everyone enjoyed the show. One of the unexpected benefits of promoting this show was a friend who I haven't been in touch with for more than a year showed up. I nearly dropped my guitar.

Posted my first mp3 -- The One to Say Goodbye

Hey all. I posted my first mp3 this morning, a demo of "The One to Say Goodbye." I'm in the process of recording a CD, but that'll take a while, so I'm putting up demos from my home studio in the meantime. Enjoy!

Getting Psyched for Bloc 11

I'm getting really psyched to be playing at Bloc 11, a really cool cafe in Somerville, MA. I've been playing mainly open mics and coffeehouses in the Boston area, and getting good response. I played the open mic at Bloc 11, and the host, the awesome, Kristen Ford, asked me if I wanted to play a featured gig. So here it is -- tomorrow.