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MENTOL Is a Rap/Hip-Hop/Gorehop Underground Artist apart of Tyme 0v Death Recordz & Skitzo Entertainment since summer of 2007 with Owner's NEC - Northeast Cannabol, & 2k Krypt Kepa of Manchester, NH Underground Scene orginally he was niGlet from the Street's of Deland, Florida but mad hate and maddness ate the punk kid and blew up Psychopathic from being homeless drove him into '''MENTOL''' was known as DJ-Mental for KrypticRadio.com thur eariler years because of Copy Right issues he decided to become MENTOL-1 due to fam respects to Spice-1 but droped the 1 now and str8 up just '''MENTOL''' now not the Menthol people purnouce it's just like '''MENTAL''' but spelled Chopped English because we live in the hood of the East side streets as part of '''ESK - Eastside Street Killaz''', & part of the group '''Ministry 0'v 6ix'''.

F.B.I. LP 2012/TBA

F.B.I. (Female Body Inpesctor) 2012 -------------------------------------------------- 1. intro 2. Dammmn Hoe! 3. Peepin' u 0ut 4. FBI (All Tha Time) ft. Steel Toe 5. OBGY-Mentol 6. Blue Waffle 7. Hide n' Run (by; niGlet) 8. Showin' my Badge 9. I'm Cumming 10. High & Dry (SKIT) 11. Inout, Inout ft. C-Fyah,& Sycho$ 12. No Namez, No Gamez ft. Lunacy 13. Ate yo' B!tch 14. Filthy Tounge's 15. Hidden Track - Studio Slut's ft. Steeltoe,& niGlet 16. Slam it Down ft. Insane Poetry (Bonus)

Doing Callob's for ALL Any Artist!!!

i'm Freed up at The Moment no Project's in motion at this Time thought i'd let all Underground Cat's know that i'm free 2 help Hype Show's as hype-man and back up any one who need's it just email me at TDRMentol@yahoo.com with Callob's an or Shows ect. an therefore

Mad Underground Luv and support as alwayz & Forever ~MentoL ManchVe Reppin' NH 03103