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I am in-love with you, SXSW 2011...

So, SXSW is over, but the pictures pasted in my memory forever. Saw amazing music, met beautiful/amazing people, yummy food, and etc etc... I have posted pictures on my Allison Martin facebook... so please come share in the surrealism that is SXSW Austin 2011. Love and ZZZzzzzz...

SXSW or bust!

Preparing for a trip to Austin. SXSW or bust, baby. Very excited to see friends, family and going to record/reunite with my first band ever! Haha, reunion tour. xoxo

Recording with Mister Dago Marino!

Recording and writing is coming along so nicely, especially with Mister Dago Marino of The Last Look. Please stay tuned and hope you enjoy the new songs I posted (still in demo versions, but so close). xoxo, allison