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Getting back out there...?

Sat. April 3rd, played the Winchester Tavern in the Lakewood neighborhood of Cleveland. I grew up in Cleveland Hts., which is on the Eastside of town, but C-town is C-town so I was looking to represent. Used facebook to get in touch with plenty folks from my days roaming Coventry, Downtown, Ohio City, and all places in between and around. With 5 days notice, a good musician friend (Robin Stone) to share the bill, and a desire to share new music and be heard, we rolled into the Winchester to captivate and impress. Me and the family (3 kids, ages 0 - 6 and my wife) needed to take 3 planes and 2 cars to get to the gig (the kids stayed with grandma) and on 3 hours of sleep the night before - you know we didn't sleep on the plane with 3 kids!!! - I was still able to dig in a deliver a "hometown kid makes good" set. Well, at least it felt good - just a few technical errors, good b/w song banter, good improvisation on "The Good Times" at the end - reminiscing about all of my old haunts in Cleveland that I could think of on stage. Robin then did a solid set of originals and a cover or two. I didn't get to listen enough as I was trying to be a good host and thank all of the folks that I invited out - people from junior high and 3rd grade; friends of my mom's and a bunch of family who came through too. That's the rough part of wanting to see people after your set, when someone else is doing their thing - you have to split time in an attempt to be respectful to everyone. I know people who couldn't care less about that, but to me it means a lot that they got off the couch and came out in the rain or cold to give me a chance to entertain them. Anyhoo, Robin and I connected for a 3rd duo set where we played on each others songs and riffed on a couple of covers (Give Me One Reason was pretty fun and so was the "Sunshine Medley"). After wards, Jim the club owner, stoically pronounced the night a success, after all, the originally booked band had a death in the family so it fell to Robin and I at the last minute. "Almost 60 people with 4 or 5 days notice is pretty good," he said with a half-smile. So I took my money and my leave feeling pretty good. Maybe I do want to get back out in the nightclub scene again...?