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Alizarin / Blog

This weekend was AWESOME!!!!

So to start the weekend off, we had an amazing live show at Mardi Gras up in Scottsdale. The night was even better because a friend's birthday party was that night, so it ended up being a huge bash that ended somewhere around 7AM.... so much fun.... Then on Sunday, we started working on our new songs at our new practice spot with our new bass player.... lots of new's for one day huh? Then grubbed some pretty amazing burgers afterward, mine was a combo of a cheeseburger and bbq pulled pork which is quite possibly the greatest combination of foods possible for the average american male... So yeah, this weekend was AWESOME!!!

Keep Pressing On!

We're doing it again! Today we are meeting for another interview, this time with Inmaricopa.com. There will be a live performance of "Dominaton" on their site. So gather around the computer with blankets and marshmellows while we start a small fire for you to consume. -byrd-

So at yesterday's practice.....

I honestly wish I could remember the name this old lady threw at us yesterday.... the story is we have recently started practicing at Johnny's house. No complaints have been going down, and he's been living there and playing his drums for months so we all figured the neighbors were cool. Well, right as we end an awesome run through of one of our new songs that no one has heard yet (hint hint), we hear this banging on a door... not the front door mind you, someone actually decided that the door between the garage and hallway was the appropriate place to request a hearing. Is that trespassing? Anyway, Johnny goes out to see whats up, and proceeds to be berated by this 92 year old woman about our volume. We take a break for a bit to decide what we wanted to do about it and Tony decides to go over and apologize for the noise and maybe smooth over some feelings. He and Kim walk over and knock on her door and they both get another earful, the lady actually starts telling us how our drummer is no ....____________.... fill in the stupid blank of some 50's pop drummer. So wish I could remember the name now so I could google it. Aren't you glad you stuck around to get to this punch line-less story? :)

New drummer has joined us....

Everyone say hi to Johnny!! After playing with us several times, Johnny has decided to make Alizarin his home and we are excited to have him. He was picking up our songs and adding his own style to them so quickly that it would be hard to imagine anyone else taking his place.

Now we just need to find our permanent bass player! Anyone know anyone?

Article about Alizarin in the newspaper!


Firing up Maricopa's music scene Local band creating brilliant harmony in short timeframe

A full-time employee and student by both day and night, one must wonder if Alizarin band member Brett Dooley ever sleeps.

The conundrum is furthered when finding Dooley, who formed the alternative rock group with fellow Maricopa residents Tony LaRocca and Kimberly Capria less than a year ago, came together with his bandmates to produce the group’s first album “Archaic Manifestations of the Unconscious,” in less than a month. Much like how the music itself came together, so too, did the name – a can of paint in Dooley’s house with the deep red hue of Alizarin written upon it caught the collective eye of the group.

“The color it represents is a very emotional color,” Dooley said. “With some of the songs we have, it really represents that.”

Still holding auditions for a bassist and drummer to make their lives shows louder and deeper musically, Dooley said they are interested in recruiting others with a passion for creativity.

“The first album was a bit of a demo so there was a bit of a time crunch involved,” he said. “I don’t want anybody in the band that isn’t going to provide creative input. Otherwise, they’re just a cover musician.”

Each of the eight tracks on the new album are unique, with each of the trio contributing on creating new lyrics.

The album sees subdued, melodic riffs that highlight piano chords and guitar strings contributed by Dooley and LaRocca.

Dooley said many of their songs are written with the pieces for a larger orchestra in mind, with both he and LaRocca dabbling in other stringed instruments, such as the cello.

The album features guitar melodies that sound like something out of newer Dave Matthews Band works with a lead vocalist drawing similarities to a more upbeat Amy Lee (of Evanescence fame).

Capria got her start in music with marching band as a teenager, saying she was “always writing” new music growing up, while LaRocca had a more personal story to tell.

“When I was 7, my dad died... and my uncle gave me a guitar right after that,” he said. LaRocca said he found solace in music, playing in church bands growing up, always keeping alive the dream of playing in a big-time band.

Dooley played the role of mixer/producer, learning the craft on the fly to help create a professional sounding album.

While the album leans more toward an alternative collection with certain tracks that wouldn’t be out of place playing in a coffee shop, it does feature some edgier tracks, such as “Domination,” as perhaps a signal of where the band wants to take its second, more-involved album.

“We still consider this a rock album,” said Dooley, who said he spends every waking moment not dedicated to school or work on writing, recording and playing.

For now, they are playing as many local venues as possible – with a performance at Arena Sports Grill notched just last weekend – with the hope of eventually making it to larger stages in the Valley and beyond.

LaRocca said as much as playing the live shows and working on the second album, developing a bigger base of performers locally in something that resonates within him.

“Living in Maricopa there’s a lack of musicians. We wanted to have something there to say ‘this is what we’re capable of.’”

For more information about the band or to hear music from the new album, visit the group’s Web site at www.alizarinmusic.com.

What a relief!!!

It's been a hectic month. We finished our cd, launched a fairly exhaustive web presence, all the while working on new songs for future live shows and albums.... The best thing is, it was soooooo...... worth it!! I don't think I've ever produced something that I was more proud of, and felt more rewarded by. Big Thank You to everyone who has supported us!!

A long great day in the studio yesterday!

We worked in the studio from 9 in the morning all the way to midnight yesterday! We now have 9 songs in progress, with a couple of more to record. Four of the songs are almost complete and ready to be heard!! The lucky few individuals who we have let listen to the unfinished tracks had nothing but good things to say, so get your ears ready for when the album is finally done.

As soon as possible, we will get the songs out for you to listen to them, so stay in touch for updates.