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Singles Available for Purchase

The singles Lightning Muse, Windswept, and Spellbound are now available for purchase and download through our Reverbnation store.

Tblisi and Baku... who knew?

We're now the #1 Electronica band in both Georgia and Azerbaijan, surpassing Tiesto. We're even charting strongly in Iraq. Our thanks to all of you, wherever you are. Keep listening, lots more new stuff is on the way. Peace - Sunstorm One.

New Ambient CD Coming

Sony Music has given us the green light for a new ambient album, releasing near the end of summer. The tentative title will be "Eye of the Storm", and will feature all of the ambient tracks from our first two albums, as well as several new tracks.

"Lightning at Dawn" at number 10 on the charts

We've climbed to # 10 (sales and downloads) for Metro Phoenix. The goal is to hit the "Hot 100" nationally, and... we're working on it. To our friends and fans: Thanks for your support! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

New Ambient Track "Winter Forest"

We just released the new ambient track "Winter Forest", exclusive to Facebook and Reverbnation. You can download it for free until the end of the year. The track will be part of an ambient compilation EP featuring all of our ambient tunes, including 4 new tracks, scheduled for release next summer.

Moving up the charts

Since our ad campaign began, we are once again moving up the charts. Currently at # 18, and rising rapidly. Thanks to all of you who are listening, and especially to all of you who are buying... :)

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