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The Beat Goes On...

Hey folks,

We're currently putting some final touches on a track list for our first "official" release... we've got some re-recording to do, but we're definitely making progress.

In addition to Reversed's upcoming release, our drummer (among other things) Wes Livingston has finished up a track list for his solo release, and our bass player (also among other things) Kyle Willoughby is scheduled to record a few tracks from his other music project at the studio.

Keep an ear out for new music soon! Reversed will continue to bring an eclectic mix of hard rock and acoustic songs, Wes specializes in emotional and moving ballads and mid-tempo tunes, and - if I know Kyle - his other band will surely bring some math rock complexities to the table.

And in other news... our guitar player Johnny "The Pick" is getting married in October (sorry, girls). But not before I accompany him to Las Vegas this weekend, where we'll be spending time basket weaving and reading the classics. Among other... erm... "things".

All the best, and thanks for your support!

- Mike from Reversed

Howdy folks!

I'd like to start off our first Reverbnation blog by saying thanks to all the folks who have stopped by to check out some of our music. It really means alot to us! Anyways... It's been about 5 years since the idea of "Reversed" first popped up into my head... the name coming from the idea that I wanted to write music that would bring back the styles of the rock and roll of the 70's. A decade where you could put a heavy metal song right next to an acoustic song on an album. A time where rock musicians were more artists, and less constructs from a Public Relations department. An era where music was exciting and unpredictable rather than dumbed-down and mundane. Unfortunately, making music mostly be one's self is a very time-consuming task. With a full-time job and large family to support, it becomes nearly impossible. Five years ago, we had a few demos... five years later we have a TON of demos. And no finished product. And so... I've decided to release our new Tunepack "The Last of Reversed" (FREE for streaming and download at http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/2838272). It is a compilation of what I feel is the BEST of our demo material. Since I can't really afford to purchase time in a professional studio, these songs have been recorded and mixed in my home studio. I hope the heart and soul that was put into these songs will make up for some of the lack of producing skill! Some of these songs are just me alone in the studio or myself and John... others feature friends and guest musicians. Some have been written solo, some written collaboratively, and there's even one that I didn't have anything to do with writing. But the one thing in common is they were written and performed by people PASSIONATE about music. We hope some of that passion comes through into the ears of the listener. Our current goal is to get rehearsed and start playing live gigs around our area. Sadly, the inability for all four of us to be available at the same time to practice has put some doubt whether or not that will happen, but I remain optimistic that we'll be playing in front of some of you at some point in the future. At least I hope so! Thanks to everyone who has given us support! Mike from Reversed