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My Internal Becomes External

When I write, I write about my life, thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc. Sometimes I can keep emotions bottled up and it seems like every song on the radio is talking to me. When I was younger I realized the power of the tongue, and pen to paper. So I decided to use this power, once I found out I have the anointing to, to talk to young people, people my age, people older than I am, and the babies as well. No more holding it in! I have some things I want to say to love! No more bottling it up! I want to express myself to hate! I don't want to stand back and watch young people fall anymore! I want to speak out to sex! I can't watch us fall anymore and not do what I can to help with what GOD has given me! I WILL STOMP OUT IGNORANCE!!! At least some if not most. Therefore, from this moment on with my pen to my notebook, my heart on the pages, my mouth to my mic, my voice through a loud speaker, My Internal Becomes My External. GOD 1st!!! GOD Always!!! GOD Bless!!! - Lacey Mason


Hey peeps, just letting you all know that I am still writing and I know a lot of you are wondering if I will be putting up more music, but I assure you even if I have to do videos I will definitely be putting up more music. i love you all so much!

GOD 1st!!! GOD Always!!! GOD Bless!!!

- Lacey Mason

Ooook now!

Ok so I'm doing better with my Eminem wal-mart version addiction and here comes Justin Nozuka to sweep me off of my feet with his incredible vocals. I'm gonna need professional help with this one.

Ok So BAck To What I was Saying...

These three men: Will-I-Am, Eminem, and Justin Timberlake, their style is so... coo, if you will. Their words and music is as such a diaphanous touch that their lifestyles don't seem as cryptic as they are, yet ironiclly there's nothing hidden. with these guys there's nothing between the lines, because they are so real with us and yet I still fel there is something more to know about them. I feel completely drwan to there patterns. I don't listen to rap, hardly at all actually, except the occassional ok I'm sick of my ipod is there anything new on the radio moments. Something about Eminem is exigent to me and his voice euphonious. The man gives me pure comfort at times. Other times it's like he speaks my mind. Right after though, he makes me nervous hahaha. Justin, well Justin is a whole other species. the way he turned pop into another world is genious. When I watch him move with his words I can see the whole story. He gives me a feeling most artists aren't aware is available to host. He puts it out there at yet there is still some mystery about him. Maybe that's why I'm stuck to him like a moth to a flame.. huh. Mr. William, wow, what isn't there to say about this intellectual, fecund, idiosyncratic, man with ADD. For most of us hypobilia is an issue, but someone like the Black-eyed-peas' Will-I-Am, making choices is nooo problem. He put out the right songs, jots down the right words, and delivers us the right feel. Who knew this man is so into what's going on that he would join a twitter conference to learn more about the sites convience and what's comin gup next with it. I find that on t only intriguing, but also inspiring. Will was the only artist at the event and he walked away with easy access knowledge of how to stay on top as well another way to bring the heat. i want to know what makes a man like W-I-Am tick, whay would he got to a seminar like twitter, why ideas does he have for music? I guess we will find out soon. Anyway thanks for your time peoples! As Always: GOD 1st!!! GOD Always!!! GOD Bless!!! - Lacey Mason

Gotta Meet Them!!!

Ok there are some seriously talentd, intellectual, wise birds out there and Iii wanna meet 'em. Man, the miles I would travel to get inside the heads of Will-I-Am, Eminem, and Justin Timberlake. They have some real knowledge that I want to learn from them. These cats are serious! They have a good time and great great great music that we nod our heads to, but after all that these men have a certain sense that our young men are missing today and they have a lot to bring to the table. I want them to bottle it all up and sell it at Walgreens. Just incredible Men!!! I love these guys and am excited to meet them one day!!! To be continued... -GOD 1st!!! GOD Always!!! GOd Bless!!! - Lacey Mason

I'm Back!

Alright so it took me awhile to get it together. Had a little heartbreak, but nothing My GOD can't fix. Plus, HE gave me a gift so I'll just pick up my pen and go at it until there's nothing left to say. I remember that GOD is my reason for LIFE and if there is something distracting me IT'S GOTTA GO! So goodbye, to the guy, who changed my life, I'm alright, I can't deny, my blessings stack high. So to all who reads this remember to always keep your trust in CHRIST , your hope in his plans, and your mind in HIS Word!I'm Back! ALL Love! GOD 1st! GOD Always !!! GOD Bless!!! - Lacey Mason

Thought Process -- Of...

I'm back at it, something like a fanatic, smith still causing static, he held the knife, I put out my back in. That leaves me no choice, now I'm constantly making noise, scream for me to back down, but you showed no remorse, you kept running your course, and I will not go hoarse, tryna keep ya above ground, a great woman you had found, now I look like a clown, I will not put this mic down. How dare you try to face me, man now you're a disgrace to me, all that chasing me and chasing me only left you breathless. Now if you're done sir, will you please remove you gun sir, because I am not the one sir, now watch me put it down sir... Oh yeah, please. : ) (Momma taught me to be polite.)

I Won't Resent You, But I Reeeally Don't Like You Right Now! (mr. smith)

The only thing left to do is write myself out of this story. Kind of like characters are written from script, except I'm excelling forward. I won't resent you (mr. smith), but I reeeally don't like you right now. Although, I still crave you, I have a feeling I will survive. I want you to feel what I feel, but I'll take my time to explain. My fans want to hear the story so, here goes.

Chilling on reverb today!

Hey people weoples. I hope all is well for everyone today. I am loving reverbnation. You guys are a big family and very supportive.I have a meeting today to finalize my band. I am still looking for people so let me know if you are interested. I love you guys!!! www.myspace.com/laceymason, www.x.co/LMiTunes All Love! - Lacey Mason

Lacey Mason Music!

Oh my goodness you guys, thank you so much for your love and dedication. My songs have been added to the iTunes family this week!I couldn't stop screaming when I found out hahaha! And then to find out that Lacey Mason Music will be heard Worldwide, left me flabbergasted! I knew GOD was doing something incredible and I have faith in WHATEVER HE WANTS to do! Now to see what GOD has done I'm left with my jaw dropped "so-to-speak"! I am so incredibly excited that I have a chance to speak Beauty into the ears of the people, GOD's people, our families, children, friends, passers-by. I hope my music changes you all's lives for the better and for years to come and that it gives you strength to find that little bit that will become the reason you decide not to give up on life, your career, your happiness, and all that GOD has meant for you! I want you all to know that we weren't promised great times always by anyone. If someone has promised you that, erase that from your mind immediately. GOD has already let us know that things won't be smooth always, but with faith in HIM (that little bit that helps you decide to NOT give up)you will always conquer and win! I love you all soooooo much! GOD 1st1!! GOD Always!!! GOD Bless!!! - Lacey Mason