icepack is proud to announce his latest endorsement trutuner, revolutionary rapid drumhead changer http://www.trutuner.com/

icepack's latest endorsement !!

icepack is honored and pleased to announce his latest endorsement, plecpicker capos, shaped like an alligator and built just as tough. check them out at www.plecpicker.com

great interview by ms. shehanne moore in scotland

thanx ms shehanne moore, icepack http://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/and-his-name-shall-be-called-icepack/


i will be going to my first winter namm in late january and also recording in both northern and southern cal. with you awesome legends. stay tuned, icepack

Shehanne Moore Cd Review

BK2SQ1 by Tali ‘Icepack’ Jackson & Klyph Black totally blew me away. I completely fell in love with the sound, the upbeat mixture of blues—just listen that trailing sax on Gumbaux Sallee then contrast it with the reggae style sound of To Keep Love—a favorite. Coming Home Soon has more of a rock edge. Lazy River is pure class. Lazy as the title suggests with a wonderful blend of accordion, keyboard and vocals, to name a few. These guys are first class musicians at the top of their game, the best bit being they make it sound like they’re out for a stroll. There’s not a wasted track. If you’re looking for something completely different, something coolly brilliant, look no further, just get BK2SQ1.


finally getting my endorsements to post me on their artist relations pages. thank u all, icepack

humes and berg

my latest endorsement, humes and berg has a great line of hard cases called 'ENDURO'. CHECK THEM OUT. www.humesandberg.com thanx, icepack

cymbag endorsement

one my endorsements cymbag is a fabulous product. it is cymbal sleeve to protect your cymbals from grime, fingerprints, etc. check em out at www.cymbag.com

cympad endorsement

a revolutionary replacement for cymbal felts which wear out over time. cympads are made of foam and bounce back to their original for, with no loss like felt. cympad, thanx 4 the ensorsement, icepack

gruv gear endorsement

i want to thank gruv gear. they make equipment carts used by film crews,bands, tv crews and others because it can carry over 600 pounds of equipment in different configurations, icepack