latest global endorsement

icepack is proud to announce his latest endorsement with the top notch drum case company humes and berg http://www.humesandberg.com/ thanx humes and berg, icepack

kat pat productions best blues cd poll

KatPat ‏ Best CD Of The Year (Blues) DaveWidow icepack9999 bobbyguitar1 BruceBarthol RocknRickPatterson VOTE http://www.poll-maker.com/poll33445x6bE242E6-2 …

ladylake music

i want to thank the ladylake music team for all of their support, icepack

fredrico percussion

i just want 2 thank fredrico of fredrico percussion for his excellent percussion and endorsement of icepack jackson

thanks 2 all fans

i want to thank all of my reverbnation fans and twitter followers for all of their shares and support. i am currently working on my next 2 cds, one is an all instrumental and both will include even more legends than the first cd bk2sq1.

gruv gear

what an endorsement. the carts can hold 600 pounds of equipment and not even flinch. check the out at www.gruvgear.com thanx, icepack


one of my newer endorsers is a revolutionary cymbal saver. instead of being made of felt to protect your cymbals from hitting the metal of the cymbal stand and the felt always wearing down, these cympads are made of foam and bounce back everytime !!!! check em out. https://www.facebook.com/CympadUSA

thanx, icepack

eminenece speakers

i want to thank eminence speakers for their endorsement and i will see them at the 2014 winter namm at the anaheim convention center in january. thanx eminence, icepack

next 2 cds

work is moving along on the next 2 cds. tentatively titled, 'bk2biz' and 'bk2bed'' most of the legends will be returning plus some new ones on top of that. stay tunes for updates and the new legends.... icepack

2014 wintr namm endorsers

i will be going to the 2014 winter namm january 23rd thru january 26th at the anaheim convention center for the first time !! very exciting. 6 of my 9 endorsements will be there eminence speaker llc tcymbals cympad cymbag gruv gear indie guitar company it's gonna be a blast. if any of my friends or fans are going, you can call me or text me at 631-793-0100 thanx, icepack