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Nashville Trip Valentines

Valentines day is our Anniversary (Marsha & I ) - so our small team, Marsha, Sherry and myself went to Nashville over the weekend. Marsha and Sherry were getting ideas for their recent project by attending Antique shows. I was able to meet up with Lenny and do a little co writing, which is always fun! Come time to fly out on Monday; Nashville decided to turn into IceVille - All flights were cancelled for two days in a row, which only led to more fun! Tuesday, we were finally able to get a rental car (just before the next snow) and drove directly South on 65 - One Hundred miles past the frozen ice trees - then we made our way East. 12 and one half hour of driving time! Good to be back in The Junction! Peace y'all Steve

Analog Music

Enjoy the many types of acoustic rock, blues & folk recorded over the years - mostly on TASCAM 4 Track!