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Some Poetry

Blood Covenant

He lay on the floor His legs outstretched Only his brother Sitting in the corner Could see the prostrate Groom

Skillful Lying without Detection

Life like a nursery rhyme with eyes that shift to see the time a cowards words read line by line while the clock blinked in the scattering rain

Winter Berries

Winter berries in the snow Noticed by a chilly crow His only meat in the nodding afternoon


Tethered, it flies through the air deadly sharp, straight and true Its rope, frayed cotton glistens white in the sunlight as the target groans where it flew

Water Troll

Beneath the lagoon The water troll swoons licking his fingers and humming a tune

Wished for an Eagle

She waited, she watched brushed a fly out of her hair and shook the bangs from her eyes closing them she counted One, Two, Three...

Lost Fortune

The door closed with a bang dust rose in the streaming light alone in the hot afternoon he loosened his tie Retrieved his hat Turned off the light, and His measured footsteps Echoed in the hallway

Holy Water

Fingers felt cool water Slowly placed on her forehead Eyes raised She sighed


They called across the room Danced 'neath the moon Smoked cigarettes on iron benches Heads turned toward the coming storm

The Rich Farmer Paid his Servant

Dusk and a light wind As they filed past his gate Barefoot, faces lowered, thirsty They came The man made his mark with a dirty pencil Four dollars, his

My Old Clothes

I’m wearin’ these old clothes today Don’t make much sense, I know A little faded, threadbare on the sleeve three buttons missing on top It just feels good to pull on.... my old clothes

I know they’re frayed at the boot heel But my pants fits me right Knees punched out, a little saggy in the seat There’s two picks in the pocket And It just feels good to wear.... my old clothes

There’s History in The shape they’re in And It’s no sin So I Think I’ll just wear my old clothes

We all dress for success, I know But I’d rather fail miserably Than give up these rags And that old Levi’s tag It just feels so good When I’m in.... my old clothes

copyright eric sandstrom april, 2007

Change and a Revolution

If I said it’s time to start a revolution To change our minds and play another game First, I’d ask of everyone around me Do you see sunshine or do you see rain? If I blamed it all and said that there is no justice It’s a joke and no one does their part Even shouted from the rooftop at a banker Would I have courage enough to see my heart?

I’d ask what I can do for my country The willing course of sanity What can I offer to you, my friend? I couldn’t ask my country to do more for me I’d ask myself if I finally had enough things To make my day pass in good time And I’ll remember that all mountains crumble Still, I’m asking for some sign

So if it’s time for us to start a Revolution I want to know what you dreaming JFK and Dr. King once paved the road But it’s broken and the lines are peeling The howls of Revolution grow louder Anger and repression coming soon Let’s take a look at what we’re fighting for Or we could be howling at the moon

And I am trying to open my eyes to see No, I haven’t got any blinders on But if it’s to be Change and a Revolution Let it be a change that I can own

copyright eric sandstrom 2011