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Second Most Dangerous City In America

2. Oakland, Calif. Violent crimes per 100,000: 1,977 Population: 403,887 2013 murders: 90 (20th highest) Poverty rate: 19.5% (135th highest) Pct. of adults with high school degree: 80.9% (62nd lowest) Oakland has historically suffered from high crime and last year was no exception. Oakland reported nearly 2,000 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in 2013. Moreover, the city reported 1,219 robberies per 100,000 residents, the most of any large American city. In addition to violent crime, property crime was also quite high in the city, at over 6,200 such incidents per 100,000 residents last year. By comparison, the national rate was 2,731 per 100,000 residents. However, despite its high levels of crime, Oakland is rapidly gentrifying. Gentrification may contribute to lower violent crime rates in the long run, according to the Urban Institute’s John Roman.

RELIXSTYLZ " Crook's and King's " Mixtape 10/31/14

RELIXSTYLZ " Crook's and King's " Mixtape 10/31/14 Datpiff.com Search RELIXSTYLZ

The name lives on. RELIXSTYLZ.

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When the hard work pays off.

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RELIXSTYLZ Joins UC Berkely Faculty

A few years ago, RELIXSTYLZ said he wanted to teach at a university. Now he’s getting his chance this fall at UC Berkely (University of California) 21 century Digital Media Division. As an an artist-in-residence, RELIXSTYLZ will conduct lectures and workshops in music production and digital media / Digital story telling. Read his Q&A after the jump. You will lecture on musical production and digital story telling. What else will you do in your role with the university? The class that I’m teaching will start with the basic foundations of sound creation and move all the way up to engineering and mixing and mastering and what some of those ideas and concepts are. I’m even more excited to help the university develop a program that will encompass everything of music What should potential students expect from your workshops? We’ll start with sound. One of the greatest things music did for me was to take my mind away from simply becoming a practitioner of audio, which means you think about audio in all situations — not just in the recorded music form. So, when you don’t have a hit record, or if you’re an engineer and you don’t have that superstar session for the next couple of months, there are plenty of other places where audio is applicable. We want to show students all of those places — it may not be glamorous to set up the audio at a McDonald’s, but it’s completely necessary. Those headsets have to work with the speakers, and that’s a check for someone. We want to show where these things are applicable inside of music, and outside of music. And we’ll touch on everything in the recording and mixing chain. You’ve made a mark with hip-hop, but is your class beyond the genre? It’s definitely going to focus on production a lot. But I want to be super clear that it’s not just a quote-unquote “hip-hop-based course,” just because I represent hip-hop. It’s for any musical genre, whether or not you’re recording your gospel choir, your rock ‘n’ roll band or jazz band, or whether you’re an electronic music maker. All of it will delve into music production.


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