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2012 Spring Mini Tour

Hitting the road this afternoon with The Denizens. Portland tonight and Medford on Friday. Will be in Reno on Saturday at Davidson's Distillery and then back up to Salem to play The Triangle.

June 26th Update for Shivering Denizens

The guys and I are taking the month of July off after a long run of local and regional shows across the Western United States. I want to thank Amber Kasophagus, Dog Bite Harris and Josh Friedman for helping us out with booking our tour. I also want to thank all the folks who put us up: Hope Urban, Ian Westlake, Jacob Geiger, Julie Jankowski, Dave Muskin and our good friend's, Julius and Barb. This was our second tour and it was awsome. The best thing about touring is reconnecting with people and meeting new folks on the road. We played with some great bands too. Merle Jagger, The Dirty Panties, Drivin' Nails, StereoTyped and a bunch of others that I cant remember right now cuz it's 8am and I just had my first cup of coffee. We will be back on Aug 4th at The Little Red Hen for my Birthday party gig. If you've never been to the Little Red Hen in Seattle, you are missing out on one of best venues around. I've yet to play a club quite like The Hen. On August 20th, we are playing the first Annual Hillbilly Headbanger's Ball at Slim's Last Chance. There are going to be 10 bands, including Zero Down. Zero Down is the other band I play in. We are a full throttle NWOBHeavyMetal Band. If you are in the Seattle area, you should come to this show. Check our Facebook and RSVP for this event! Do it NOW! In September, we are heading back out on the road again to play The Street Vibration Festival in Reno and making a stop in Portland and Medford on the way. It's going to be a short mini-tour. We hope to start recording when we get back but there are no dates and we are in no hurry. We will be posting some live video from Marlee Walker at Blues-To-Do as well as other interviews we did in the last few months.

Gearing Up For Crooked And Crazy Tour in May

The Denizens will be hitting the road on May 11th. We will be going through Oregon, California, Arizona and Nevada.

franklin97524  (about 7 years ago)

You guy's have a great tour. We had a blast thurs night.I hope you did too --Franklin Jonez(Hired Gun).

SXSW Tour Next Week

As the minutes tick down, we are geared up and ready to head down south for this crazy ride in my SCion Xb and a 4x8 trailer. We've added a new show in Reno at Davidson's for an encore show. The tour starts in Reno and ends in Reno...Dave has been super cool and is letting us play his club again on the way back to Seattle. We are playing with some great bands down in Austin including, Ruby Jane, Hickoids, Brent Amaker, Whiskey Dick and Adrian and The Sickness. I will be keeping friends, fans and family posted thru my trusy Google Phone. Don't forget to go to iTunes to buy our CD. Just type in "The Shivering Denizens" and start dowloading!!! Thanks to all who have reviewed us, played us and booked us...We are truly blessed. Later, Ronnie

Tour Update and General Stuff for Spring 2010

We want to thank Dana, Ray, Johhny Mercury, Liam and Brian for a great show at The Shanty up on Lake City. It was a great turnout and everybody had a great time. We also want to thank Jeff Smith from The Hickoids for setting up with a bunch of shows during SXSW this year. We will be leaving on our Shiver And Shake Tour on March 12th and playing a few shows on our way down to Austin. Check out our Schedule for a show nearest you. We also want to thank Connie from The Little Red Hen for having us up in Green Lake...I had no idea there was that many Cowboys up in North Seattle...I learn a new thing every day. On May 1st, we start recording with Brian Nelson at Elliot Bay Studios in Seattle. Brian "Buck" Ellard from Bob Wayne And The Carnie Outlaws will be playing fiddle on our next album and will performing live with us when he's not touring the world with Bob. We will be kicking off our tour in Reno, Nevada at Davidson's Distillery on March 12th. Stay tuned for any tour updates and some Flip Videos that I will be releasing periodically while we are out on the road. We are looking forward to another CD Release Party! Stay In Touch